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  • 20110814
    OK .[Disclaimer, there will be lots of caps and I am not complaining. Just venting some of the common things that people could be smarter about.]So here I am to finally blog about things that annoy me along with some clothing pet peeves of mine and the liking. I have no idea how much time I am going to waste writing this nor how much time I you will waste reading this so here it goes....

    All right the other night this lady came through Home Depot and asked me where her propane exchange was when I just walked out the door to help her load the grill. I was like, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE...
  • 20110805
    Setting aside my survival plans for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, I look back on the day and wonder if anything really happened. The morning started with a fly invasion of grand proportions (which was the thing that woke me up from my rest). This made me slightly angry, but then I was almost thankful, as it turned out the time was already 2PM.

    Taking my morning (now late) shower, I decided to eat some cereal, but there was no milk. This was indeed a dire conflict, as the dryness of the cereal made me thirsty, yet there was no milk to satisfy my parched throat. After this painful...
  • 20110621
    It was my honor to be able to interview your site's second administrator to gain some incite into his game, Welcome to your Resurrection. Through this interview, the first of hopefully many that I might make, I hope you will tale as much interest in it as I did.

    Enjoy -

    Chef, although your game has not gotten too far as of yet, I’d like to interview you on the subject. Our focus will primarily be on your inspirations for making the game, and the unique ideas that have come with it.

    Question #1:

    Bleach - So, where did you gain...
  • 20110611
    What Makes a Roleplay?

    To me, and many people on this site, role-playing is very important. It's entertaining, educational, and a good way to become better friends with people of the online world. You get to see stories that you'd never think of and play through scenarios that are just like those in the greatest movies or novels. It's a really engaging experience.

    So why do they always fail?

    I have not seen on RP finish...
  • 20101008
    Kamikaze_XComments: 11Views: 741
    The College Life

    I thought this might be an interesting thing to do since it might help other people. As you all may or may not know, College and the entire process of applying to a higher educational institution is quite an exciting and stressful time in your life. I have been at my own University for a little over a month, and truly, it only took that long to really experience college and dorm life. I think it would be beneficial to everyone unsure...
  • 20100609
    The Lineage of the Legacy

    I thought that maybe a little bit of a history piece was necessary for this site. After all, there have been others before it, and I consider this site in being a succession to each one. Even though the sites before did indeed fail horribly, some worse than the others, I think they also deserve to be mentioned and held in reverence as a part of Legacy Society's... legacy. Now, let's start at the very beginning.
  • 20100602
    Chef's Favorite List of Favorite Things

    I was sitting on the computer for a while, seeing that the Legacy Blog was a bit empty lately, when I just came up with an easy topic for me to use that could possibly spark more interest in the blog for more diverse blogging, other than rants or articles. I figured that having a detailed list of my favorite things would be pretty interesting and fun....I mean...what else do I have to do anyways? So, because of this thought, I have made the list...
  • 20100531
    To really explain my thought process behind this game, I suppose a blog entry should suffice. As past members would know, Oracle's Mandate, or "OM" as most called it, was first hosted here back a couple of months ago. By all accounts, it took me about a full month to really get the basis for the game formulated. In fact, the various components to OM have spanned many pages and separate documents in Microsoft Word.

    My inspirations for OM come from many things. I think the top two things that helped me along however would have to be The Elder Scrolls games, most notably TES...
  • 20100425
    So, I have decided to interview the members of LS, here is the first interview. I will be posting a new one every week.

    Luchiaros: How hard is it really to be an administrator of a forum?

    BleachKing: It depends of the day I suppose. Some days it can get a little rough, others it is easier because not much might be happening. Either way, it is a lot of responsibility.

    Luchiaros: Do you ever think it's to much work?

    BleachKing: For myself, no, not really. When I have other things going...
  • 20100420
    Hooray for Violence!

    In our modern society, there are these magical things called movies and video games. They are inspiration, mysterious, action packed, and sometimes even romantic. Nearly every kid (or adult) comes home from school or work to sit down on the couch and watch their favorite show or master their best game on the tele. But one thing that concerns many parents about these things is one unspeakable evil known to mankind! Violence!
  • 20100420
    FAIL of the Week

    This is Week 2 out of my 93 part series. Let us begin.

    This is what came to mind when I saw this video on CNN during my search for a current event for school. After sitting there for a few minutes, in anger against all of humanity, I later came to the conclusion that I really just wondered how the hell does that work. Does it like spell out the words in braille and this sets them off so they look like the guys in the Jizzed in my pants video?

  • 20100420
    This is more or less my personal rant on the reason why some RPG's fall on their ass, dead. I have thought long and hard on the possibilities of why they do, and maybe I will come up with some answers as to how the creator of a game can make the game like Wrigley's Gum... long lasting!

    Why do our games die?

    That question, as simple as it seems, is actually quite complex. To answer such a thing, one must look into many elements from game play mechanics, the plot, and to the players psyche.

    The largest factor governing whether the game lasts long or not, is...
  • 20100411
    FAIL of the Week

    This is 1 out of are 93 part series!

    Today I was sitting in my room perfectly fine, just watching some anime on youtube. ( Fullmetal Alchemist to be exact.) Then out of no where I hear the voice of Justin Bieber. Some people say it's like a chorus of angels being brought down from the heavens onto us poor little people of earth. I say it sounds like a knife being stabbed into my ear and having blood fly out of it at the speed of sound.

  • 20100411
    Most of the blogs so far are about the forum and such, well this ones more of a journal

    First day:

    School went, meh. Had to change seats in class next to someone who makes fun of me. Was ok, the the person we both have a crush on(hilarity ensured) sat a seat from us, me and the kid had to pass notes from one girl to the next. We were reading them of course. One was: "Are they gonna read ALL our notes? <3 LYS" when the other girl got the note, it had to tacked on, graffiti style scribbles on it: "Yep! :D"(Me) and "Hewl Yaw!" (Other kid)...
  • 20100410
    Gath_StormerComments: 5Views: 617
    Why Do We Roleplay?

    I am not positive about everyone else, but I have been apart roleplaying lifestyle from a very young age. Before I even knew there was such a thing as roleplaying I unknowingly roleplayed. My brothers and I called them talking games. We loved them. Every waking moment of free time we had was spend throwing ideas back in forth. Our minds an open field. Our thoughts being thrown back and forth and developing into a whole new universe. It's exhilarating, but...
  • 20100410
    The Art of Soiling Pants

    This will be somewhat of a pilot episode for my blogging adventure. If people like this stuff, I will continue to write, but if people hate it and want to stab their eyes out because of the terribleness that has accumulated on their screen, I will probably wait more and practice. That said...please enjoy!


  • 20100410
    Kamikaze_XComments: 6Views: 675
    Names and Games

    I thought that this would be a time to go over two topics that revolve over this site. The things I shall be sharing are the name of the site and why I picked it, and the various hosted games we have going as of right now. Enjoy!

    NOTE ---> I will be making a new entry every Saturday myself. Other writers may post their own in other increments of the week.


  • 20100410
    Kamikaze_XComments: 10Views: 610
    Welcome, one and all, to the grand opening of the Legacy Blog. I was wondering if I would ever make one actually, as I had always seen the option, so I suppose this would be the right time. For all intents and purposes, if the Blog tends to fail after a while, then I will just delete it from the forums.

    But, I suppose this should be somewhat of an introduction of sorts for the site. This goes out to all the guests out there that are not a part of the community as of yet.


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