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What Makes a Roleplay?

To me, and many people on this site, role-playing is very important. It's entertaining, educational, and a good way to become better friends with people of the online world. You get to see stories that you'd never think of and play through scenarios that are just like those in the greatest movies or novels. It's a really engaging experience.

So why do they always fail?

I have not seen on RP finish properly. Not one. People either lost interest and stopped or the idea was just given up in favor of a new idea. But why does this happen? Why can't we just get through one RP? Are we doing something wrong?

That's what I want to figure out.

Today I decided to put myself on some sort of journey. Not a journey that requires any hiking or waiting for a bus to arrive on rainy days, but a surf through the web and through my mind. I want to find successful RPs, study them, and analyze the various themes that can be used in these games. I want to see what works best, what works right, and why.

That'll be kind of hard, though, right?

Maybe. Probably. It's never easy to study things, is it? But, I'll get over it. I want to get something here for you guys in this blog to read every so often, and clear off the dust that's settled here. I want it to be enlightening for everyone, and maybe even entertaining if I can possibly pull that off.

Let's hope I do.

So keep your eyes peeled. I hope to make several articles on every aspect of RPing. I hope you'll all enjoy it. I'm sorry that this is just a preview, and kind of pointless, but I just wanted everyone to be aware of the series I plan on making.

Until next time,
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Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:44 pmKamikaze_X
Uber excited for this Chef. Maybe with some good observations on your part we can discover why our RPs, and those of other people we know continually fail, and what we can do to solve this issue.
Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:08 pmDJ.
Chef, thank you for making this!

Bleach had made an RP I love, as well as myself making an RP I loved to play. Both ended up dying because of reasons stated above. If we can find a solution to permanently solve this issue I think it will help keep the activity constant on LS along with the growing member base because so many RPs are active and vary for many people's interests.
Tue Jun 14, 2011 7:49 pmCanterbury
I never really gotten into RP before. Like, what if it's player v player. What determines that one loses and one wins other than texts of having a much bigger nuke?
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