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It was my honor to be able to interview your site's second administrator to gain some incite into his game, Welcome to your Resurrection. Through this interview, the first of hopefully many that I might make, I hope you will tale as much interest in it as I did.

Enjoy -

Chef, although your game has not gotten too far as of yet, I’d like to interview you on the subject. Our focus will primarily be on your inspirations for making the game, and the unique ideas that have come with it.

Question #1:

Bleach - So, where did you gain inspiration for such a thing? I never would have even imagined a game like Welcome to Your Resurrection until this came up.

Chef - Truthfully, this was just a weird idea that's been in my head for almost a year.  At first it started off with the idea of playing undead agents, and then it developed into what you see now.  The main idea is my own, I believe, but many of the things we do are inspired by series like James Bond, various espionage movies, and a show I watched a while back called Requiem of the Phantom.

Question #2:

Bleach - Are there various elements that you have borrowed from other works of fiction or even real life?

Chef - The setting and plot aren't really inspired by anything from real life, but a lot of the characters and personalities you will see are based on people I know and maybe even myself.  I like to insert lots of my philosophies and ideas into games, and in this one I've given it my general idea of morality, and how it is not as easily defined as we may think.

Question #3:

Bleach - Would the theme of death and perhaps retribution be key themes within this game? Are there other themes present?

Chef - Death is definitely a key theme in it, acting as both our blessing and our curse.  While being technically dead gives us near immortality, it also acts as the antagonist that has stolen all our memories and loved ones away.  Another important theme in the game, I believe, is all about how your experiences and action make who you are.  Our characters, as a result, are unsure of who they exactly are and have a constant longing to recover their memories.
Retribution is there as well, of course.  We will be forced to have a loose morality, and as such some of us may believe that the trials and training we go through are how we pay for our wrongdoings.

Question #4:

Bleach - Would you say there is an underlying message to your players, and anyone reading the game - maybe a moral lesson?

Chef - Morality is definitely a subject that is gone over and over here, and our characters will be tested to see how far they will actually go in order to continue living.  Are our acts justified by the will to live?  Is it right to work for a company that gets you to kill random people to ensure that you will continue living?  A lot of these questions will, no doubt, go through everyones' minds, and it will be explored quite a bit in character.

Question $5:

Bleach - Considering the past games that you and indeed others have made, are you choosing to go about running this game in a completely different way? Is anything regarding such things remaining the same?

Chef - In the past my games have been insanely rigid and linear, to the point where the only choices the player will be making are how they want to kill their opponents.  In this game I plan on making the plot evolve based around our choices, and make our various missions loose and easy for players to manipulate.  We will be given various objectives, of course, but how we go about them will be completey up to the player.  I'm hoping this works out very well and makes the game feel more like a group experience rather than a couple of people following the story I created.  I plan on having many game changing choices that will hopefully continue to interest players and readers.

Question #6:

Bleach - As far as WR’s plot goes, are readers and players to expect some unanticipated twists and turns? 

Chef - Oh yes.  I have already planned some moments that may keep everyone on edge, and major choices that will affect everything.  The missions and action sequences aren't the meat of the matter this time around.  They are simply there to lead us to some interesting encounters that I have cooked up for us.

Question #7:

Bleach - For those reading, do you have any teasers to share; or would you rather keep a lot of the game cloaked in mystery?

Chef - Let's see here...  I don't want to reveal too much to anyone, as I plan on having everything to be full of surprises.  But, however, I will say that our characters may not be who we think they are.  I'll just leave it at that, though.

Bleach - Well, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, Chef.

Chef - No problem.  Thank you for asking them.
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