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So, I have decided to interview the members of LS, here is the first interview. I will be posting a new one every week.

Luchiaros: How hard is it really to be an administrator of a forum?

BleachKing: It depends of the day I suppose. Some days it can get a little rough, others it is easier because not much might be happening. Either way, it is a lot of responsibility.

Luchiaros: Do you ever think it's to much work?

BleachKing: For myself, no, not really. When I have other things going on at the same time, it can make my situation a bit hectic, but usually that is not the case.

Luchiaros: What do you do when someone argues with one of your decisions as an admin?

BleachKing: Just like when someone critiques my art work. I take it all into consideration and will notice an opinion of the other party.

Luchiaros: How do you deal with ''trouble makers''?

BleachKing: I trouble-shoot only the ones I and Red deem the worst offenders. Normal trouble makers usually will get a warning from the admins or mods, if they continue their antics, then action will be taken, that being anything from revoking of privileges, to the worst case of banning.

Luchiaros: You seem to know a lot of history, what nations history would you say is your favorite?

BleachKing: I think my favorite history to learn about would probably be between Europe as a whole, or Souther Eastern Asia, namely Japan. For one, Europe was such a dynamic place to study, and they were truly a driving force in the modernization of the world... and also in many cases the bane. Asian history I find to be most interesting due to how exotic and dynamic their own culture and past is.

Luchiaros: From your answer above, what interested you the most from said nations history?

BleachKing: In Japanese history, probably the Sengoku or "Warring States" period. In Europe, I always loved studying ancient Rome and Greece all the way to the High Middle Ages.

Luchiaros: Not only are you the board administrator but you also run a few RPGs, where do you get the ideas for them?

BleachKing: I take influences for all my RP's on many things. For instance, I took pieces of influence for Oracles Mandate from both Tolkien works to The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. SIGMA, I used pieces from Splintercell and knowledge on future weaponry. But, most of what goes into my RP's is completely original.

Luchiaros: Do you think that anything from your time on the forums or your real life influenced them at all?

BleachKing: I think so. Through exposure to different elements to gaming online, as well as my different ethics and beliefs in real life, the games are heavily influenced.

Luchiaros: So, could you tell us what you have planned for the future of your RPGs? If you don't want to then that's understandable.

BleachKing: Well, I have a bit of an exciting future for the world of Ryerdae. There will be a sequel to Oracles Mandate. I won't give anything away as I don't want to spoil all the fun. =D

Luchiaros: One of our members wanted to know how you feel about people messing with your name and changing it to things like Belch, Bealch, etc. etc.?

BleachKing: To be completely honest, I don't care all the much. I will admit I have chuckled once or twice after being called a new nickname. They don't bother me really.

That's all for now, be sure to check back next week for the next interview.
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You should so interview everyone.
I agree!
Cool interview, DW. These weekly interviews could get interesting.
I thought the questions were well placed. Nice job with this DW. =D
Yay it came out very well, good job hun^^
This is a very good idea. It is a interesting read and it helps to tell us more about the members of our sites. You should get around to interviewing everyone. Very Happy
If I stopped being lazy...
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