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Kantyn Rexan - Military Leader of the Army of Fairhope Empty Kantyn Rexan - Military Leader of the Army of Fairhope

Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:34 am
Character Name: Kantyn

Age: 35
Gender: Female
Race: Humanoid
Nationality: Commonwealth of Kayerin
Place of Residence: Fairhope (within the inner limits of the capital)

Appearance: Approximately 5'8", short black hair (pixie cut--a radical hairstyle for a woman), dark complexion (due to consistent sun exposure), a single-lined scar running above her right eyebrow and curving down towards the cheekbone, multiple scars on her arms from numerous combat and training-related injuries

Background: From a very young age, Kantyn was taught that service and loyalty to country were the noblest traits a Kayerin citizen could possess, and she knew that it was her destiny to join the forces that defended the Commonwealth. Although women were generally prohibited from serving in the Army of Fairhope (even in the present day), at the age of thirteen Kantyn was able to secure a place due to her father's military connections. However, to fit into a male-dominated environment, she quickly learned to adapt, especially since her peers ridiculed her for obtaining a position in the army through her father's influence. Over the next eighteen years, she completed all stages of military training and steadily achieved positions of greater responsibility, eventually becoming one of the Commonwealth's senior-ranking military officers. As she rose in power, her commitment to the Commonwealth leadership also increased. Allegiance to leadership was a sign of true loyalty, and Kantyn obtained the positions she did because of her unwavering allegiance.

However, Kantyn currently faces a crisis of belief, as recent incidents with the Commonwealth leadership have caused her to question for the first time whether the leaders she has chosen to support through her dedicated military service, training, and leadership are all they have appeared to be. Who will Kantyn become if her suspicions are proven to be correct?
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