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Names and Games

I thought that this would be a time to go over two topics that revolve over this site. The things I shall be sharing are the name of the site and why I picked it, and the various hosted games we have going as of right now. Enjoy!

NOTE ---> I will be making a new entry every Saturday myself. Other writers may post their own in other increments of the week.


Well, the name of this site is certainly unique to me at least. I remember sitting at this computer desk wondering what the heck I should name this new site. I had already gotten to the darkbb.com hosting site when I was just waiting on creating some truly magnificent name for a cool site. I finally came up with "Legacy Society". There is a big meaning behind the name, although most may not know this... but then again, that is what this blog is for... sharing with the community.

To start this explanation, we would need to look on my own past for reference. I am an artist, I always have been. And since I got my first game console for Christmas back many years ago [it was the original PS2], I had always wanted to create video games. Yes, this is a nerdy topic, but think about it this way: I would be making A LOT of money since I also want to become the CEO of a design firm for these games, and I would be using my art skills to make them. Isn't that the best of both worlds?

Therefore, maybe four years ago, I had decided that is what my lives goal would be, to make my own video games. I decided on a great Studio Name, something that would be mine, my own company. I came up with Legacy Studios: "Bringing the legacy of gaming to you!"

So obviously, this sites name is derived from my future companies name... unless of course someone takes that name before I could patten it.


And thus we are onto brighter and better things I suppose. The hosted games here are all original, although a couple are on multiple sites. I have a lot of credit to give to RPGF, one of our closest affiliations. They are the ones who got me into hosted gaming. Maybe not role playing as a whole... but in "the true art of role playing". Yes, even I, the Pandemitard who used to, like everyone else, make game posts with an asterisk for action, had learned to finally make paragraph posts with loads of detail. Ever since LS's beginning, I had to include hosted games. Not only are the fun to play, but really... they are quite educational. They make players actually want to excel in grammar and spelling [no lie!].

Anywho, I'd like the time to just go over the many games that now reside on our small site. I will go over the older ones that are still standing, and then on to the newer ones....

Oracles Mandate:

This is not my way of advertising guys, so settle down. OM, as we call this game, is I believe the oldest game on the site so far. It was created by myself a while back and is by far my most detailed game ever. It is a freeform for now, and could be considered a Medieval Fantasy epic. It took me over a month to create the game, and personally, I am glad I took so much time. If I hadn't the game would likely lack the awesome detail it now has and be less in depth than I wanted it to be.

The Story: The game takes place in a fictional world called Ryerdae [Ree-yer-day]. It is more or less a chain of continents all once under the dominion of a long line of Emperors. However, after an ancient artifact called the Oracles Mandate disappears, the land falls into chaos and the New Temperian Empire starts to crumble. It is up to the few and willful to return balance and peace to the land.

Macabre Island:

Macabre Island is a island survival game hosted by the one and only DJ. The players, of course being the main characters of this story, find themselves victims of their plane crashing. They are on a deserted island, or so they think. Marred in mystery, the island holds many secrets, secrets that the unfortunate passengers will discover, for better or for worse.

Players must dictate their own survival based on in-game events, as well as their own strategy for survival. Build shelter, defend your turf and comrades. One false move might mean your death.

Nocturnal Bane:

The game takes place during the late 1800's to the early 1900's in Europe [mostly]. It is a linear, Vampire / mythological creature survival game in all respects and is hosted by Chef.

Killers of the night have wreaked havoc and terror across nations. Vampires, the dreaded creatures [not of Twilight] have been much more active within Europe and even North America, among other horrifying creatures. The formation of a special group of... gifted individuals is soon formed and named the "Dark Symphony". They are the hunters, the will power behind civilizations survival. With the darkness swallow them whole, or will this group of grim adventurers be able to hold their own against a near indomitable threat.

The Gates of Tartarus:

Take up you spear and join this Greek Mythology game led by none other than Luchiaros. The game is a linear.

In the ancient world, all hell has broken loose, literally. Players are those Greeks who stand out among all others, bearing useful talents that will be very valuable for the quest that they will more or less be forced to endeavor. The Gates of Tartarus must be shut somehow, and no mere mortal will be able to do so. A great hero, or a company of heroes is needed for this plague on humanity to be quelled. Unfortunately, that is the players job.


This game is a post-apocalyptic survival game, hosted by the great co-administrator of Legacy Society, Redcoat. Who doesn't like make-shift steampunk Armageddon games!?

The world has officially ended it seems, and unlike in "The Hollow Men" it WAS with a bang. Humanity still survives however upon this barren wasteland. Using all the ingenuity that one can muster, the characters must survival many trials that could very well mean their lives; from combating Raiders to dealing with underground organizations that spell the doom for all. It is time that someone take up arms and save what is left of civilization, a group of weary travelers may be the worlds last hope.

Hakugin Ha:

This is a freeform alt-historical Japanese game hosted by a member by the name of King Calamity. Join the social and military struggles of a turbulent nation, direct a peoples destiny!

The setting is post-Bakumatsu Meiji Restoration era Japan. The people are divided in allegiance and loyalties. Chaos breaks out due to mass corruption in the ten years new government of Japan. Westernization has begun thanks to the prying hands of Commodore Matthew C. Perry of the United States. Characters must learn to survive in this new world, or strive to crushing it. Villains and Heroes awaken, take up your weapons and fight for what you believe in!

Crimson Tides: Fear the Skull:

This is a nautical-piracy linear RP that a rather new member, Gath_Stormer has just created, partially based on the popular anime One Piece, however is heavily focused on actual piracy from the 1700's to 1800's.

Hoist the flag, climb the Mizzenmast, it is time to set sail! The grand adventure that any curious and adventurous individual has just begun, all that is needed is a ship and crew. Set out with comrades and plunder treasures and take on the greatest of threats, mother nature and all her fury. There are enemies to be battled and journeys to be had, so grab and flintlock and shine your saber! The Jolly Roger is callin' ye...

Age of Retribution:

This game is relatively new and hosted by the one named Luchiaros once again. This is a nation-politic freeform game.

In a land of many nations, the balance of power shifts all the time between super powers. The Templars gain followers everyday, a constant threat to nations with different religious beliefs, or a valuable ally for those who don't. Other threats reside, being the un-holy forces of the largest Empire of the Archrians, a long reaching domain of abnormally strong warriors, as well as the Orcish and Gnomish peoples of the land who pose a threat to all civilized peoples. Rise or fall, it all matters on how you lead a nation.

Moon and Star:

This game is lead by the member Athos and is high based around the popular RPG called Morrowind from The Elder Scrolls Series. It is a linear fantasy.

Dagoth Ur stirs once more beneath Red Mountain. His dark servants set forth across the Ghostfence, driving back the warriors of the Temple and Great Houses. Only the Nerevaraine, a prophesied hero of all, can save Morrowind from the ravages of evil. It is up to the players to aid the one hero in purging the evil from the world.

Devil's Lament:

The game is a survival battle type of linear RP led by none other than King Calamity again.

In the year 2013, Fiends have unleashed hell upon the world. However, the forces of the Devil Hunters keep them at bay, hoping to one day clear them all out. Arm yourself with a steel will, and a steel weapon, the fight will come to you if you don't go to it.


Well, that seems to be all the games hosted as of now, however there are many in The Summit which are just aching to be supported. Be creative, spontaneous, and show what you've got! The games are meant to be higher levels of creativity and thinking, create one or join one. There will be many more to come, and most of the community would agree that these are what make the site so much fun.
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Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:42 pmChef
Hey, this is cool! It was interesting to see how you described each one.
Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:40 pmDJ.
Good descriptions Bleach! Very Happy
Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:55 pmDucky
Now I kinda wonder how you would have described Davenport XD
Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:49 pmGath_Stormer
Nice. Truly nice.

I like the bit about Crimson Tides. That sounds like a awesome rp...<.< >.>
Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:37 pmKamikaze_X
Gath_Stormer wrote:Nice. Truly nice.

I like the bit about Crimson Tides. That sounds like a awesome rp...<.< >.>

Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:44 pmGath_Stormer
What? Your insanity is above my level of comprehension.
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