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OK .[Disclaimer, there will be lots of caps and I am not complaining. Just venting some of the common things that people could be smarter about.]So here I am to finally blog about things that annoy me along with some clothing pet peeves of mine and the liking. I have no idea how much time I am going to waste writing this nor how much time I you will waste reading this so here it goes....

All right the other night this lady came through Home Depot and asked me where her propane exchange was when I just walked out the door to help her load the grill. I was like, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE LADY!? Of course, she was SMOKING right next to said tank(which was full by the way) The lady expected me to load the entire grill up while already having her new tank ready for her by the time I walked out the door. Needless to say she was not nice, nor smart. Upon her leaving she asked if I had we sold a gauge to tell if the tank was empty or not. >_> (For those of you reading who don't know how to tell. The weight is a simple measurement along with trial and error when wanting to use).

The next irritation, when people are TOO LAZY to return their empty cart to its proper location OR to lazy to even move it after loading the car. They just load the car with the cart right next to their car and drive off. Seriously? How lazy are you? Or if they return it they return it TO THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE. They walk a few ways towards a nice concrete median with trees and just go, "Hmm, this is a nice place to put this." Thus they leave it there. WHAT ON EARTH MAKES YOU THINK THAT IT BELONGS THERE? THE CONCRETE MEDIAN? The parking spaces?! Along with that, if they decide to not dump it there they put it so just the to wheels ON the median. At least put it back in the spot that collects them all if you don't want it to roll away. SIMPLE. I understand that handicap people have to park close for obvious reasons but just because they put their cart there does not mean for 8520 in the surrounding parking places to add to that one. Plus, handicap people complain because other handicap people leave them in the space so when they leave other handicap people can't get in the handicap place. What on earth makes you think that 1 handicap shopping cart is an indication for everyone else to walk and let theirs roll and slam into the poles and other cart. So that by the time I get out there to clean it up there are 50 shopping carts all around a drain blocking off about 4 handicap spaces. The last thing, when people are too lazy to throw away the trash before leaving the store. They get all the way to the cart return and decide, "Well I can't finish this full cup of (insert liquid here) so I'll leave it in the cart." and drive away. Sometimes they even throw the trash which happens to be sharp in the bag which then rips letting all the liquid inside the bag drain all over me when I pick it up. If it sharp, leave it by the can.

The third thing: Half empty cart users. These people get carts and walk out the door either in the afternoon or 5 minutes until closing with enough stuff to carry but decide not to because they are lazy. Making me(if I am closing), having to close late again because it takes me almost an hour to close by myself, walk all the way across the other end of the lot to grab that one cart you had 1 bag in but couldn't carry because a bag of nails screws was too heavy. Some people also come in and get a child cart to carry their kids WHEN THEIR KIDS ARE CLEARLY OLD ENOUGH TO WALK!!! and then only have one thing in the cart.

The fourth and last thing is simple: stupidity when loading. What on earth makes you think that laying on end of your 16ft board on top of your mirror and tying the other end to the side a good idea? It's not "innovative". It's not safe or dumb looking. At least tie it on top on secure it while inside. That's been done too many time while I've been working there. Recently I had to tell the guy like 3 times nicely that it wasn't secure. After redoing it he said my way was good. Razz I tried to tell him that. 98% of the other time they insist on using everyone's favorite line, "I'm not going THAT far." Right. 10 miles is not that far when carrying large, bulky, or heavy loads. Why would anyone carry those type of loads on short distances? I mean, obviously the highways are made for those large, bulky, or loads that need securing to make sure they don't damage other cars or get you pulled over. >_>

EDIT:The last thing I thought of the other night when I was working that bugs me. Two WOMEN come inside order something heavy knowing that they cannot lift it at all and just expect me to lift whatever it is(vanity,etc.) by myself up into the large truck while they watch and don't bother to hold the cart from rolling until after I start to lift it. Anyway, I lifted the whole thing by myself with help of my legs to aid pushing it up in the truck.

This concludes the first part of my blog. Be sure to come back and read the next installment/part 2 when I rant about my summer clothing annoyances. I hope you got some laugh out of that or else I may be entitled to link you to something funny so that you at least think about the blog when watching it....hopefully.....

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Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:30 amChef
I am guilty of cart abandonment... Razz

Sounds like you're having the time of your life at Home Depot. XD
Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:12 pmKamikaze_X
Nice blog, aside from some spelling errors. XD I hate all the things you're talking about too, especially on the shopping carts people leave laying about. lol
Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:07 pmDJ.
Believe it or not, I like my job at Home Depot.

Bleach, I didn't really spell check while ranting so I say we let it slide. Razz

Tue Aug 16, 2011 5:36 pmChef
We customers love to make employees lives a living hell. XD We're just there so you don't love your job too much.
Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:42 pmDJ.
Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:38 pmDucky
Wow DJ, you've had your fun times working Retail hmm? Razz
Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:41 amDJ.
Oh yes, and is it bad that I wanted to falcon punch a pregnant lady(from her child inside her) for SMOKING? I'm sure her baby didn't appreciate that very much. I was this on the job when I saw her.
the jack of clubs
Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:06 pmthe jack of clubs
A falcon punch in the face may have been justified, but if she was pregnant i don't a belly punch would be a bit of a step backwards for your cause.
Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:10 amDJ.
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