Dark Embers

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Dark Embers

Post by Luchiaros on Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:35 pm

Two warriors clashed in battle, one was old and weak the other was young and fresh. Blade hit blade, steel hit steel and blood flew everywhere. The old human battered back the Dark Elf's assaults but soon he could no longer withstand the blows. With one quick thrust the Dark Elf impaled him on his sword.

''Now what old man?'' he said with a laugh ''You're blood will quench my thirst.''

''Don't be a fool,'' the human coughed ''I have seen your future boy...''

And with those words he died, impaled upon the very sword he forged.

((That's all for now, this will be done in short posts and for awhile it won't make much sense but soon it will all be crystal clear. Please post your thoughts.))

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