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Dark Warden's registration

on Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:19 am
Title: D_W's registration
Character name: Fenris Ulf
Faction: Werewolves
Age: Seventy eight (hopefully this is okay)
Weapons: Assortment of steel claws, some are serrated, some are hooked, ect.
Description: Wolf form: eight feet, three inches tall when standing up straight, hunches down to five feet, six inches, completely covered in black fur with blood red eyes.
Human form: six feet, two inches tall, cropped black hair, red eyes and muscular
Bio: Fenris's real name was forgotten after he was bitten and became a werewolf, in public he goes by the name Celthar. He was seven when he became a werewolf, Fenris was sleeping in his bed when the door flew open and being asleep he never heard a thing. The one how bit him walked through the house sniffing out the child, upon finding him he broke a hole in the wall to allow the moonlight to transform him, then he gave Fenris the bight that would change his life forever. Now Fenris is a faithful servant to his master and is one of the best spies, while he mingles with the humans he recruits more into the ranks of the werewolves. He has begun to have some doubts as to his masters intentions but for now he has ignored them.

Hopefully this is okay
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Re: Dark Warden's registration

on Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:45 pm
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