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Of The Dark Symphony

on Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:17 pm
The Dark Symphony was an organization officially started in 1887, founded by Abraham Van Helsing and various other important figures. Before there was only an unorganized group of vigilantes or families that hunted down these creatures of the night, but since that year, it was an official group. The Helsing family has since died from various attacks, but leadership has been taken up by several veteran members in the Dark Symphony.

It is now led by Victor Peck, a man renowned for his studies on these creatures they were fighting. It almost seemed like common sense to put him in charge. However, not all see eye to eye with Mr. Peck, as some of his choices are quite arbitrary. He has made amends to the rules of the organization that seem overly done, or harsh. Especially involving those infected by a werewolf or vampire bite. Peck has decreed that no half-breeds belonging to those whom we are fighting shall be allowed to stay in the Dark Symphony. If they resist, they shall be killed. It is often a suggestion now for friends to put these infected out of their misery before it begins to take them over. There is no cure at the moment, but that does not excuse this behavior, for most people of the Dark Symphony.

Other than a few internal struggles, the Dark Symphony gets around just as well as it did when it first started. They are in constant struggles with the creatures of the night and have often succeeded. One can only hope this remains to stay true. One may ask why they do not try and receive outside help from militaries and such, but the Dark Symphony members believe that they may endanger the whole situation. They have studied these creatures for years, and the military know nothing about them. Giving them this knowledge may tempt more corrupt powers to try and harness these dark creatures and use them for their own benefit. Because of the corrupt heart of man, the Dark Symphony must remain a secret. Only those who can be trusted are allowed to join, most of them being nobodies. It is the duty of the Dark Symphony to keep their ordeals mostly secret, and protect the innocent from what could be destroying them.
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