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[Economic] Grand Strategy [ATTN: All]

on Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:08 pm
Sent Per Will of The Directory
To Be Received by Minister of Economics Guy Lepellier
Dated 24 December 1571
Dear Guy,

With the conclusion of our meeting last Wednesday, we have decided to put into effect immediately your proposal to rapidly expand the Republican trade fleets in response to the Erynnen civil war. We have also approved of your proposal to issue letters of marque--with the Marine Nationale buildup only just nearing completion and the seas still an unsafe and, frankly, hostile place, our convoys will need all the protection they can get.

We would instruct your office to avoid mentioning any possibility of aiding either side of the civil war if it is questioned by the press. Such decisions, when they are made, will be announced by MFA or the President's Office. Instead we direct you to point to the real possibility of economic failure--for the Republic and perhaps on a wider scale--if world shipping is strangled by this civil war. Our estimates--which have not been doctored--do show that there is such a risk. They have been attached and you may use them as you wish to streamline your work. As usual, the Statistics Authority is open to your questions.

Jaques Neuvo
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