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Rebirth Act [Attn:All]

on Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:10 am
OOC: I will be updating my countries bio with this.

In the capital a new law is passed where it will change the entire country and establishes the Templar Order as the prime government of New Solaris.

The following below is in the act.


Rebirth Act : Part 1

The change to New Solaris government will be in act

Name of Country :
New Solaris

Nickname : Templar Order, New Solaris

Motto : Victory, Determination, Order

Flag :

Symbols :
The Four Separate Hooks (On Flag) * Templar Cross (On Flag) * Appenzeller Sennenhund (National Dog) * Onyx (National Gem) * Vodka (National Liquor)

Leader Title : Dux (Latin for Commander)

Leader Name : Desislav Dmitriev

Capital City : Sperare Impero

State Religion : None

Political Overview :
The Dux is the elected president of The Templar Order who is in charge of the military and is the Templar Order New Solaris Senate president. There are three branches of Government which are the Effectus Divortium (Executive Division), the Lex Divortium (Law Division) and the Extrarius Divortium (Foreign Division)

Economic Overview : Department of Trade & Work is in charge of economy of New Solaris. The currency is determined by the stockpile of gold bricks that have been produced by the controlled gold mines. Every dollar is produced for every ounce of gold has been melted into bricks. Citizens are taxed exactly 35% of any earnings they have made in the month. But if the country goes into war the rules will change in order to provide stability in the economy. Prices are regulated on all resources by the department to ensure traders and consumers will not be scammed.

The New Solaris Trading Company is in charge of foreign trade which is also part of the military. They are in charge of resources that will be shipped to foreign countries. No private company in New Solaris can trade with foreign companies or governments.

All gold mines are owned by the government and the miners are criminals that have broken the countries laws. The private job sector has 25% government ownership to ensure that regulation is effect.

Political Systems :

Effectus Divortium (Executive Division) : This is the executive branch of the government. This is what the Dux has control of and actions that involves with the military, foreign affairs, and domestic affairs. The Dux position is voted by the Lex Divortium (Law Division).

Lex Divortium (Law Division) : This is the legislative branch aka The Templar Order New Solaris Senate of the government. There are 13 Senators, 25 Military Advisers, and 62 Citizen Representatives. The Dux holds a seat in the Templar Order New Solaris Senate as the president. They are responsible for establishing laws and approval of plans.

Senators : They are chosen by the Generals of each military division. They hold the second highest seat in the Senate because they have the right to elect the Dux.

Military Advisers : They are selected by their military division. They serve for the Dux and the Senators as consultants for domestic and foreign affairs.

Citizen Representatives : They are elected by ordinary citizens in the New Solaris. They act as the voice of normal citizens.

The Dux : He has the highest seat in the Senate. He can agree with the Senators or the Citizen Representatives.

Extrarius Divortium (Foreign Division) : This branch has no authority in the government but serve as a consultant/ambassador to the Dux. They are called as a Legatus (Latin for Ambassador). When the The Templar Order New Solaris Senate recognizes a foreign government and that foreign government recognizes New Solaris. A foreign government can select a ambassador to have a seat in the Legatus Senate. The Legatus Senators talk to the Dux and vice versa on foreign affairs.

Resources : Gold, Silver, Iron, Steel, Copper, Nickel, Lead * Petroleum, Coal, Timber * Beef, Horses, Salt, Potatoes, Grapes, Tobacco, Opium * Onyx (Only Available in New Solaris)

Military Overview : The entire military is controlled by the Dux and is separated into many divisions each have a key role.

Sanctus Exercitus (Army)

Their specialty is fighting in the mountains. They are trained to know how to ski, Sambo / Krav Maga, Makhaira / Dane Axe, Tracking, Smoothbore Rifles, and use of attack dogs.

Sanctus Mare Exercitus (Navy)

Their specialty is in Naval Combat and beach front assaults. They are trained to know how to navigate through the ocean, Sambo, Shashka / Viking Sword, Cannon Use, Smoothbore Rifles, and Riot control

New Solaris Trading Company (Merchant Marine)

They are considered traders than fighters. All sailors including the captains are trained in order to travel through the harsh seas of New Solaris. They do have the ability to fight but there main priority is to work in the seas as traders. If during wartime they might be swallowed up into the Navy but this might not happen. They also own fields of cash crops so they also operate in the land as well. They are the state sponsored trading company so no private companies within New Solaris can trade outside of the country. They are the monopolized company that deals with foreign trade in New Solaris.

Sanctus Vindico Exercitus (Special Forces)

The best of the best is selected into this force. They do not belong to the Navy or Army. The only person who can order them is the Dux. They have no specified sword or combat style because there soldiers came from other divisions. The only thing that can tell them apart from other divisions is their uniform. Their armor which is design to bring fear into the enemy. The are sometimes nicknamed "Reaper Soldiers" or "Deaths Army".

Sanctus Specilais Exercitus (Intelligence Agency)

This is the clandestine department of New Solaris. They operate in both foreign and domestic issues. There main priority is to obtain essential information for the Dux and other Generals. The main goal for this department is to eliminate or prevent any terrorist organization such as The Legion to operate easily.

Sanctus Terminus Exercitus (Boder Patrol)
This is in charge of removing illegal immigration and detention of enemies of the country both foreign and domestic. They are trained in Krav Maga, use of the Katzbalger & firearms, and as well horseback riding. They also hold the countries police unit who's priority is to maintain peace in all towns and cities. They also watch the state run prisons and act as security to other departments.


Rebirth Act : Part 2

Declaration of enemies and terrorist organization

Organization/Country List

The Legion : Terrorist Organization

Leader : Chernobog Death - Wanted Dead

Location :
Rural Areas of New Solaris, Republic of Capua, and Holy Empire


Rebirth Act : Part 3

Declaration and plans to rebuild New Solaris

Map of New Solaris Construction Plan

The planing for rebuilding New Solaris will add 3 new cities, create large farms, and reconstruction of the capital city.

This will be land that can be owned by privatized sector. The land equality is considered high and is near a river and a city that will be build soon. The selected land can hold up to 35 farms all of which will be sold at 2 miles per section. The only crop that they will not be allowed to grow will be tobacco and opium. They are only allowed to grow crops that are for edible reasons.

Domestic Citizens can own this land and not foreign.

This will be government controlled in order to have back up supplies of food in case of emergency. Wheat, Cattle, Potatoes, Fruit, and other edible crops. There will be no tobacco or opium crops grown on this site. The land is considered high quality.

This will be land that can be owned by privatized sector. The land equality is considered high and is near a river and a city that will be build soon. The selected land can hold up to 35 farms all of which will be sold at 2 miles per section. The only crop that they will not be allowed to grow will be tobacco and opium. They are only allowed to grow crops that are for edible reasons

Both Foreign and Domestic Citizens can own this land. Foreign owners must follow the ownership law in New Solaris. For now Domestic citizens will be able to buy.

This land will be reserved for the New Solaris Trading Company where cash crops will be grown. Half will grow tobacco and the other half will be opium. Regular citizens will not be allowed entry to this sector. The city next to it will hold a industrial section that will have a dedicated section in order to refining the products that has been grown on this sector.

New Solaris previous laws on these two crops will be over turn in order to supply a international demand and as well improve medical studies inside New Solaris


City Planning

City-1 : Mons Regius (Montis Royal) This city location will be near a river that splits into two. There will be a port that accompany NSTC ships and other ships that sails down the river. The city will be the packaging spot for NSTC ships so a industry section and a port will be dedicated to them. A bridge will be built and part of it will be elevated so that ships of large size can pass through it.

City-2 : Prodigium Regius (Port Royal) This city location is the northern bay of New Solaris. The geography is well suitable for a large mass of dry docks. This will become the second largest city in New Solaris. There will be a port large enough to hold military ships of New Solaris and other.

City-3 : Petrosus Cuspis (Rocky Point) This city location is the southern bay of New Solaris. The geography is scattered islands in a large bey so this would not be a good place for many large ships to be docked. This can be the entry point for anyone traveling by boat. The concentration of this city will be residential.
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Re: Rebirth Act [Attn:All]

on Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:50 am
OOC: I've got a response planned out for this, but, for upkeep of realpolitik, to ensure everything I post is correct, doesn't conflict and all that jazz.. If I may ask; Would New Solaris be likely to send out official notification to other nations regarding this new law and as to declare their existence? As the Holy Empire is, legally speaking, at war with the old Solaris, and we've got a ceasefire agreement, but haven't officially declared peace, declaring the existing of New Solaris would also be, in a way, officiating disbandment of the old Solaris, and effectively be ending the war, and thus, is something that the Holy Empire would be inclined to engage in discussing with New Solaris over (you know, recognition negotiations and etc), but a lot of this would heavily be pending on whether they're actually notified of the founding of New Solaris or not, and in what they're told (if they're told anything at all). Clarification requested (or, if it's easier, if it's assumed that notification is sent out, maybe just post a quick letter to HE with the basics so I get to gist of it).
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