Manifest (part by part)

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Manifest (part by part)

Post by Maikuolan on Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:49 am


(In order of appearance)
Format: [Type] Character – Player
Note: Always happy to accept additional players if interested. ^.^

Part 1 – Inmate X.
[PC] Inmate X – Maikuolan
[Voice] "Sir Doctor" Allistair – Redcoat
[Voice] Anathema – Chef
[Voice] Hannibal – BleachKing
[Voice] Erebus – Durandal/Ickus
[NPC] Sergeant Chang – Maikuolan
[NPC] Lieutenant ??? – Maikuolan
[NPC] Colonel ??? – Maikuolan

Part 2 – Inmate XIII.
[PC] Inmate X – Maikuolan
[NPC] Inmate XIII – Maikuolan

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