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In Your Head [IC] Part 2 – Inmate XIII

on Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:09 am
Part 2 – Inmate XIII

* * *

Scene: Inmate X's holding cell.

(In order of appearance)
Format: [Type] Character – Player

[PC] Inmate X – Maikuolan
[NPC] Inmate XIII – Maikuolan

[Voice] "Sir Doctor" Allistair – Redcoat
[Voice] Hannibal – BleachKing
[Voice] Anathema – Chef
[Voice] Erebus – Durandal/Ickus

* * *

Inmate X blinked a few times, removing the blurry haze of sleep from his eyes. As his eyes cleared, he saw the familiar sight of the steel above where he slept within his cell. What the hell am I doing back here?

He could not remember how he'd gotten back to his cell, his most recent memory prior to that moment being back in the interrogation room, strapped down to a chair; In that last recalled moment, hearing the Colonels' words; "You will be escorted back to your cell shortly."

..Did I pass out?

Pushing the thought out of his mind, he sat up and looked around his cell - nothing looked any different than it had looked the last time he was here. Standing up, Inmate X rubbed his eyes and stretched. Well, I wonder what now..?

Before any voice could illicit a response, Inmate X heard a muffled yell from hall beyond the door to his cell. Immediately, he turned towards the door and backed up towards the wall, keeping eyes and ears pealed. The muffled yell was followed by muffled shouting from the same person, as it approached closer, being accompanied by uncoordinated shuffling of boots. Soon enough, Inmate X could make out some of the yelling. "That the best you got?! Suru mesu inu!! GAH..!!!"

Followed, was what sounded like an impact; A moment later, the shuffling reached the door. After a slight pause, not too unlike what one would see from the inside of a vault as it opened its door, the door to his cell slowly began to unlock.
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Re: In Your Head [IC] Part 2 – Inmate XIII

on Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:54 pm
Hannibal suddenly appeared to the side of X. His hand curled around his katana's hilt, a playful grin spread across his face.

"What's this? Are the masters throwing a bone to the mut inside its cage?" Hannibal sneered reproachfully, obviously aimed to X himself.

As he listened to the yelling and the sudden pause, Hannibal's eyebrows lifted.

"Interesting, the yells sound like they came from a woman...."

The door started to open, shooting in a small sliver of vibrant light from the hallway outside. Where Hannibal usually would egg Inmate X to just 'barge through the door and escape', he instead stood quietly and waiting with interest at who would enter.
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