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Alexander "Rockets" Ribault [Captain]

on Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:16 pm
Character Name: Alexander "Rockets" Ribault
Theme Song: Airship Pirates
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Job: Captain, purser, engineer and a bit of a science officer; also secondary pilot.
Appearance: The Captain typically dresses in somewhat more formal clothes than the rest of the team, when he's not working on machinery. When doing work, he's known for his dull red coveralls and signature prescription safety goggles, which are replaced by unique tinted glasses when safety is less of an issue.
Personality: Alexander is a very headstrong and outspoken character, utterly stubborn in a great deal of his convictions. Along with his headstrong demeanour comes a fair amount of audacity; he's been called insane more than once for his reckless approach to a number of things, but he always gets the better outcome--besides, he hasn't died yet, so it must be working! Despite his apparently reckless way of conducting himself, he does plan things--more or less as he goes along--while trusting his gut. In his dealings with other people, he has a tendency towards being somewhat aloof and cold--especially to those he dislikes, who are occasionally also the subject of maddening mind-games. This side of him, however, isn't present in his dealings with those who actually bother to know him well--he tends to be much more open to close friends and allies, and is known to be extremely loyal to them in times of need.
History: Alexander was born in the city state of Arkova, in a small brick house in an equally small vassal town--Ashensaw. Growing up under the influence of his strongly scientific father, Alex gained an interest in rocketry at a young age, along with other varieties of engineering. He showed a natural aptitude for such endeavours, and made a living fixing and building machines for a good part of his life. A friend introduced him to the skyship business when he turned sixteen, and he became involved with the Legacy a short time later.
Skills: Alexander is a noted adminsitrator and organizer of human beings, able to convince them to follow and lead them efficiently. Beyond this, he is reasonably skilled in science and engineering, including the ship's Babbler computer, and knows how to drive a ship reasonably well; he could also feasibly man a cannon if required, but he's much better as a rifle marksman. You should not expect him to cook a meal.
Weapons: A Lee-Enfield R4 Repeating Rifle, with which he is an expert shot; also a unique seven-shot D'Marr revolver. Carries a trench spike and police baton when they're needed.
Possessions: His small collection of books (mostly history), a huge collection of papers related to the ship locked in the desk on the Bridge, his journals and notepads, and a collection of pens. Also possesses a custom flag consisting of a red cross and white saltire, with appropriate heraldric separations, upon a navy field.
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