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Captain Hyouga

on Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:23 pm
Character Name: Hyouga

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Occupation(s): Ship Captain and Navigator

History: Hyouga set out to become a pirate after an attack on his homeland, Frigid Heath, and island in the North Blue, by a rebel group of pirates. At the age of 18, he set out alone into the North Blue to find the pirates who attacked his village out of revenge. He caught up to them upon the sea and along with a small crew of five, was able to utterly destroy the opposing crew. Upon the enemies ship, Hyouga, whilst looting the Captains quarters, found a strange chest. Within was an odd fruit of which he had never seen before.
Hungry as he was, he ate the fruit and left the room. As he walked on the deck of the enemy vessel, a wave swept him off board. He was mysteriously unable to move while in the water, leaving the last surviving crew mate to save him from a watery grave. He woke up later upon the vessel once more, but his crew mate was gone, assumed to having been swept out to sea. Hyouga found out later that he had eaten a mystical fruit called the Devil Fruit. The one he ate was properly known as the Koori Koori no Mi or the Ice Ice Fruit. He was now able to manipulate the water particles in the air to form various attacks out of ice. His new blessing was as much of a curse to him, as he was unable to ever swim again, and was helpless in deep water.

He returned to his island victorious though quite alone. It had been a full year that he was searching for those pirates. Now, back home, he had decided to create his own Pirate Crew, named the Glacier Pirates, and set sail to finally realize his life dream of becoming the Pirate King.

Appearance: Hyouga has tanned skin, is muscular, his a long curved scar from the left side of his forehead and down past his eye. He sports a black goatee which is as his short black hair, and has grey eyes.

Personality: Hyouga is contrary to his history, quite lively and seems to always be throwing a party on the ship or not. He is kind to those he knows, but has built up a cold exterior to anyone else until their have earned his trust. In battle, he is calm although brutal, precise yet spontaneous, and also quite calculating making him a great navigator.

Clothing: Hyouga wears a simple tunic with thick pants that go down to his shins. He wears tough leather boots and a long over coat just above his shins. On his head, he usually wears a greyish blue bandana tied at the back.

Weapons: He carries a Steel Cutlas at his side, as well as two flintlock pistols with ammo. His last weapons which he tends to use half the time is the Koori Koori abilities he gained through the Devils Fruit.

Gear: Along with spare ammo, Hyouga carries map making tools, maps, ink and quills, and gun repair and cleaning utensils.

Bounty: 2,000 beli
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