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Ranamir - Ex Gondorian Captain of Division 2

on Tue Apr 20, 2010 1:07 am
Characters Name: Ranamir

Sex: Male

Age: 37

Race: Gondorian - Man

Personality: Ranamir is a proud individual to the point of hotheadedness when his heritage is attacked. He is duty-bound toward the Gondorian crown and nation, and would gladly give his life to see her glory restored. His loyalty to his friends, family, and subordinates knows no equal as he would stand up for them even if threatened with death. His firm belief is that order is kept through strength.

Appearance: Ranamir is dark haired as most Gondorians and well built. He is at an average height and weight of around 5'10'' and 190lbs. His skin is white, although not pale. His eyes are gray and he sports a short beard. His hair is always down just over his shoulders.

History: Ranamir lived to see action through the greatest battle of the Third Age. He battled valiantly through the Battle of Minias Tirith, and again at the Black Gates of Mordor. However, with their ultimate loss, he fled from the battlefield among many heroes with the thoughts of surviving to fight another day. With haste, he flew northward and lost himself in Bree. Unfortunately for him, he had to take on a reclusive life to stay safe from the encroaching "Orc Menace". Mordor had officially engulfed all the land, except for the last bastion of hope at Rivendell. When news came of the landing of a ship at the Gray Havens, hope returned to him and he took up his sword once again. He currently prepares to fight the Dark Lord among new and old heroes. The time has finally come....

Clothing/Armor: Ranamir wears the standard Gondorian armor set although with a dark navy blue cloak and hood over the top. Beneath his wears fine silken robes of Gondors colors, silver and blue. He also bears a Gondorian shield which he usually slings to his back.

Weapons: Fine Steel Gondorian Longsword, Straight edged steel knife

Extra Gear: Whet Stone, Rope and iron hook
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