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Alexander von Häfen

on Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:50 pm
Name: Alexander von Häfen
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Race/Ethnicity: German
Appearance: With Short cut black hair and a short boxed beard he is 6"5' and muscular. He has lightly tan skin and brown eyes. He wears a Wool hunting hat, a grey wool shirt under his black trench coat, jeans, and Combat Boots.
Personality: Alexander most of the time would keep to himself, but once he gets to know someone he can be very friendly. He values bravery and loyalty amongst his comrades. He does not usualy rely on smarts but instict to hunt down and kill his targets.
History: Alexander was born to a poor family located on the border of the forest around the small town of Aue. His father was a hunter and thus could spend days out on the hunt. Alexander often would have to help take care of his mother and younger brother when the hunting was bad. When he was old enough and after some training and tips from his father Alexander came on trips with his dad. After awile of often waitng for days for his prey to come he learned patience. Over a few years he became one of the best hunters in the area, using his instincts and tips from his dad he always one day or another would get his kill. After awile he had saved his money to buy a new hunting gun but on the way home from the city Gera he found the town had been attacked. The houses had claw marks and broken in doors bodies were laying in the street clawed and mauled to death. few people had made it and none of them were his family, he later found them dead around their house, but there he saw two shot dead and leared what attacked them, werewolves. From then on he used his hunting skill to track and kill werewolves and any other evil creature that walks crawls or slithers across the earth.
Weapons: silver hunting knife hanging on his side. Gewehr 43(scoped), and a Lugar.
Miscellaneous Items: Extra ammunition(plus sliver rounds). some firemaking and blade sharping tools, silver crucifix, a few rations.
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Re: Alexander von Häfen

on Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:05 pm
Very nice. Your character is...

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