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Players Registration Form

on Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:12 am
Ok, all of you players must follow these very simple instruction for when you sign up for the game. Remember, this is a fantasy, medieval type of game... so no guns. This is based around the time of the Classical / Dark Ages.

Character Registration

.[b]Main Character Name:[/b]


.[b]Equipment Carried:[/b]



.[b]Weapon(s) and Armor[/b]


For any who wish to create a colony / civilization of their own, you had better:

1) Look at the thread showing statistics and requirements

2) Think wisely on your decisions

3) Add this next code to your character reg.

.[b]Intended Colony Name:[/b]

.[b]Intended Primary Form of Government:[/b]

No starting after you post your reg here on this thread. I will accept you If I see fit that you are able to play this game.
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