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Registration Form

on Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:59 pm
This is all information on your nation of which you will be creating. If anyone needs help, I or Red will be here for that. Any queries will be taken over the OOC thread, or MSN conversations.

[b]Name of Country:[/b]
[b]Location (on map):[/b]
[b]Various Symbols:[/b]
[b]Leader Title:[/b]
[b]Leader Name:[/b]
[b]State Religion:[/b]
[b]Political Overview:[/b]
[b]Economic Overview:[/b]

[b]National History:[/b]

[b]Political Systems:[/b]

[b]Economic Systems:[/b]

[b]Important Resources:[/b]

[b]Significant Figures:[/b]

[b]Societal Overview:[/b]

[b]Geographical Overview:[/b]

[b]Climate Overview:[/b]

[b]Technological Overview:[/b]

[b]Military Overview:[/b]



Name of Country: What is the name of your country?
Nickname: Are there any other terms that your country is known as? (EX: U.S. = United States)
Race: Considering this is just slightly a fantasy - are you human, elf, dwarf, etc.?
Motto: Does your country have a motto that is holds to?
Flag: What does your flag look like? (pictures are allowed)
Location (on map): See map, pic a continent.
Various Symbols: Does your nation have any symbols (EX: State bird, State Insect, etc.)
Leader Title: What is your (current) leader's title? (EX: King, Queen, Emperor, President, etc.)
Leader Name: What is your (current) leader's name?
Capital: What is the nation's capital named?
State Religion: Does your nation have a state religion or not?
Political Overview: How does society distribute power?
Economic Overview: How does society distribute and produce goods?

National History: How did your nation become what it is today? Give us a paragraph or two - more is always nice of course!

Political Systems: What is the structure of your government? Who holds power and why?

Economic Systems: How is your economy built, how does currency flow through the country?

Important Resources: What can you produce / find in your country and where?

Significant Figures: Who are some significant figures in your nation, and what makes them so?

Societal Overview: How is society made up? How does society treat its own civilians or foreigners?

Geographical Overview: Landmass and forms? What does your continent consist of?

Climate Overview: How is the weather usually in your nation? Are you tropical, temperate, etc.?

Technological Overview: What are the various technologies made and contained in your nation? Note that trade influences this. ALSO - Note that tech levels should not go above anything in the 1700s, AND tech levels will gradually get better so start off slow please.

Military Overview: How are your armed forces built up, if you have any? Is there hierarchy? What's special about your military? Who commands the forces? To whom does allegiance belong? Specialties and structure?

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