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Desertback Rants Empty Desertback Rants

Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:49 am
This is basically me ranting and many people know that I am good, after all I did a essay for one of my English Class back in my Sophomore Year, everyone liked except the teacher named Mrs. Vogt (Idiot). So enjoy what I write after all this makes me happy to write the bullsiht that happens to this world. Enjoy guys!

Politically Correct - What A Bunch Of Bullshit

Everyone hears this crap and if you dont then you are very lucky or accidently got brain washed to be the pricks who are pro-this.

I can understand that you dont want to go up to a black guy and say the "N" word to them but sometimes this gets out of control. I go to school at a rich high-school where some how teachers started call dice as "numeral cubes" and out of curiosity I asked several why are they calling dice differently and thank god there is one teacher out of there who just dont care and this is what I learned. Administrators who runs my school (dumb-asses with a pencil shoved up in there ass) made a rule that dice is "politically incorrect" and change it to numeral cubes because dice can be refereed to gambling. How much of a idiot do you have to be if you think saying the word "dice" is going to make every kid go outside and start placing bets, thats like shouting "Praise Jesus" in a damn synagog thinking some of the Jews will convert to Christianity . I love the fact that people are confused why public schools are bad and they blame its the funding but in reality its the cock-suckers that run the schools who have the I.Q. of a corpse. If you are afraid that kids will play dice then you should tie a rope around your neck and kick the chair below because gambling is not dangerous. The only thing these fucks should worry about is if they can run a school period. My school which is in a nice area but has as much issues as the schools in the ghetto, my school has one rapping DURING a football game under the bleachers, performing a lockdown during a fire, and my favorite is the fight where one kids bashed another kids head open in the stairwell. Who the fuck thinks gambling is the threat to a school. Basically they are sending a message that its O.K. if you rape a chick, burn students, having skull fragments on the stairs, and hiring a crack addict teacher who carries a glock in his car (Yes this Is True) but when it comes to gambling then you fucking cross the line. Thats like fucking killing people in the worst ways and get the thumbs up for it as long you do not receive a payment. I rather have Sarah Palin be the new superintendent than these retards, fuck even a damn chimpanzee can do a better job.

Why is it some how a damn crime to say "Merry Christmas" anywhere because who the fuck cares if you say it. People now have to change everything about Christmas to something politically correct. Who the FUCK cares if someone or a store says "Merry X-Mas", its not like Christmas is really a Christian day since if you go to a school full of kids who are in elementary and ask them who is Christmas about. Many of these little spazzes will say its Santa and not not Christ, hell some institution did a test to see if kids know what Jesus looks like and everyone one of them can pick out Ronald McDonnald easier and when they showed a picture of Jesus guess what happen. They could even pick out who is Jesus and some didn't know who he was. Christmas was about the birth of Christ until it got sold to the commercial world like Halloween. I bet some you reading this will need to look up what Halloween true meaning is because if your true answer is (American Holiday were kids go door to door asking for candy from strangers who might look clean or they might be the next door pedophile with live size dolls of little kids like Michael Jackson and also you get a excuse to give your girl a slutty outfit without her getting mad) then your wrong but hell I love it what it is now Laughing Razz. What's next Passover is politically incorrect to other people and change the name from Passover to Dinning With Family Holiday. National Hangover day is politically incorrect so now its The Day After Holiday. You know what I want to see, a holiday named Go Get Laid Day so all the frustrated mothers fathers who bitch about the politically correctness of Christmas can go to a club and have fun so that way way they can shut up. Happy Holidays is fucking stupid and sounds so gay and Holiday Trees or Holiday Hats is just pain in the ass. Its Christmas and if you dont like it then dont celebrate it because its not like stores are forcing Christianity down your throats but really the crap you "Need To Have" to celebrate the holidays. Christmas is Christmas, Hanukkah is Hanukkah.
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Desertback Rants Empty Re: Desertback Rants

Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:28 am
Ah yes, political correctness. Not a big fan of it myself. I actually watched a video of that personality recognition test on "SuperSize Me", and I thought it was kind of sad that they couldn't recognize Jesus. Of course, that might just be a lack of appreciation for Renaissance art.

Your school... sad. Just sad. How dense do teachers need to be not to realize that locking kids in the school during a fire is a terrible idea? Unless, of course, they thought that they were disposign of the latest generation of Nazis.

I do have one complaint, though. I lost sight of your point once or twice when you went off on that delightful tangent. It came back, though, so I guess that's fine.
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