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A Friendly Guide Toward Role Playing Empty A Friendly Guide Toward Role Playing

Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:01 pm
((I encourage all members to read this, especially those who do not know how to RP, or those who have very limited experience when it comes to playing hosted games.))

A Friendly Guide Toward Role Playing


Ok, for all those players who have been involved in Forum Role Playing Games before, you do not exactly have to read any of this, however if you count what I would call: "Forum Games" as RPG's... you are sorely mistaken. A Forum RPG is a game that is meant to be played on another level from games such as Rate the Above Users Sig. Games on that level are forum games. Games where you take a characters role, but post only a sentence at a time and are generally blunt or to the point statements, are not hosted RPG's. Those, are also forum games. Sites like LS or our various affiliates consider such games to be generally spammish and mediocre at best (with the exception of the forum games with hosting potential).

Hosted Role Playing Games are supposed to be on a completely separate level. They could be considered the elite of the forum games as they are much much more detailed, involve plot lines that can be on a spectrum of "quite deep" to "think as you go". Players generally will follow these backbone plot lines and will almost always have a good time, as it calls forth suspense and surprises.

Posting in RPG's

Players, be mindful that you may have veterans when it comes to RPing, with you in a game. This not only means that posting as if you were in a forum game is a no go... this means that if you are new to RPing, the vets will be more than happy to help you and give you tips.

Posts made should be in depth, detailed, and involve your character or events transpiring with your character. Never judge game events yourself, that is the GM (Game Masters) job. GM's are the leaders and generally the creators of the RPG. Always follow their rules, they are the law when it comes to their game. Try to always develop your character, make them interesting and unique. An interesting back-story or history is always a big positive. If you need help with developing a character, ask a veteran as well.

When posting, check out other players styles, they tend to work quite well. Please, never post actions with an asterisk. That is not only unprofessional, but are used only in Forum Games.

As a warning, try to stay grammatically correct. There are many people, including me, that can be categorized as "Grammar Nazis". Avoid repetition in posts and redundancy too, as that can be annoying to readers. But be aware that you are not writing a novel, no need to go crazy, just make it interesting and creative.

As a last tip, please refrain from double spacing everything. Make single line paragraphs with occasional breaks between them. And finally, the only reason a post should be less than a single paragraph would be for special scenes or dialogue. Some times there just isn't enough to say and it can be RP'd with a couple of sentences. This should be done sparingly however.

On The Plot and Characters:

On of the major rules toward forum RPing is NEVER and I repeat NEVER, OP your character. OP stands for "Over Power". Please, do not make your character so incredibly powerful that he can destroy most other characters or drastically change the plot of a game. If the game is anything like Dragon Ball Z, then by all means go nuts and blow up a planet. However most times, RP's will remain user friendly. If someone OP's their character to a level that brings about great annoyance, most GM's will warn the player. If the players continues to OP and ruin the game, many GM's will thus kick / boot / shove the player from the game.

If you play the right way and follow all the rules, you are mostly guaranteed to have a fun time. The GM's do their best to keep their games fun, exciting, and always running. If a game falls dead, just be patient.. they usually pick back up. Remember, players are all on different times, people tend to be busy. NEVER double post, that is not only annoying and spammish, but GM's hate it.

That also stands for the rest of the forums too. If you feel the urge to double post another comment, remember there is an edit button for a reason. =/

Another tip, never God Mod. This means that players would be able to change the time of duration of the game, screw up or change plot events, and RP things that shouldn't be RP'd unless by the GM's directions. The only ones able to ever God Mod a game are the GM or AGM's (Assistant Game Master).

I will add more when it comes to mind, this is only my immediate thoughts. (WIP)
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