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Iantó Lansemár | Hunter; Tracker; Guide. Empty Iantó Lansemár | Hunter; Tracker; Guide.

Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:36 pm
Character Name: Iantó Lansemár

Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Toškhát (Baiši)
Nationality: Toshkhat Empire
Place of Residence: Kševás Rakhát, Toškhátšim, Toshkhat Empire

Appearance: His casual and lighthearted demeanor contribute to Iantó looking somewhat younger than his actual age. Athletic, but leaning somewhat on the bulky side, Iantó stands at 8'2" from head to toe, with gentle, ice-blue eyes, and thick, mostly straight but semi-wavey, medium-to-long fur/hair, mostly a cookies-and-cream patterning dominated by white, with a few occasional black stripes and subtle brown tips. Fur/hair is usually tied back in a ponytail where excessively long, or neatly trimmed where not possible to tie back, as to maintain appearing neatly groomed and respectable.

Due to his line of work and place of residence, he typically wears military garb employed as standard by Toškhát posted either in the north or near to the nothern reaches, optimised for mobility and protection against the cold weather, along with a set of personalised, quasi-steampunk-esque snow goggles, a jade and obsidian (*)"trialith focus", as well as a few other potentially useful items whenever working, such as a small compass, a small journal and basic writing tools, a Toškhát-style (**)"light" crossbow, and a heavy, single-edged Toškhát sword, somewhere partway between a French falchion and a giant meat cleaver in appearance.

(*) A small, ornate religious accessory able to assist very slightly when performing some, specific types of magic, typically attached to the belt of the wear.
(**) Light by Toškhát weight standards, and by virtue of being single-motion loaded (i.e., typically requires cocking the bolt in a single motion), as is standard for light crossbows and other primitive crossbows. Heavy crossbows, such as the windlass or the cranequin, aren't typically considered to be single-motion loaded. However, by human weight standards, it would certainly be considered a heavy crossbow, to the point of it being highly unlikely that a human would have the strength needed to load it, nor the strength needed to effectively wield it.

Background: Born in Eijarám (Toškhátšim, Toshkhat Empire), Iantó spent his first, earliest years under the tutelage of his parents, where he learned the basic necessities of life in the empire, his faith, his ancestral and cultural roots, as well as how to operate and survive in the mountains independently. At the onset of his teenage years, an age somewhat later than many, but certainly not completely outside the realms of acceptability to what's both common and expected of young, able-bodied males of the Empire, he joined the ranks of the Imperial military, completing his training quickly to work under a range of different commands, including patrol posts and various military operations in the north, including briefly as a shock trooper.

At the onset of adulthood, and with significant experience travelling throughout the isolated northern mountains of the empire, Iantó took on a new career direction, training further to adopt work as an independent tracker, mountain guide, and professional hunter, as well as spending some time further exploring his faith and learning some rudimentary trialith-style magic.

He found plenty of regular and varied work in his new profession, guiding and accompanying those unfamiliar with the nothern mountains, including the occasional tourist, nature enthusiast, or fellow hunter, taking on work to track down people that became lost in the mountains after losing their way or going missing in the area, as well as accepting the occasional job from law enforcement to track down criminals attempting to escape or hide out in the mountains, as well as the occasional independent commission from the military to lead small squads or teams through obscure and unfamiliar terrain, often supplementing this work with hunting at times when incoming work dwindled.

The course of this work eventually led to a chance encounter with a woman of the same profession; the two of them becoming friends at first, and after a time, growing closer. Relocating together to a more permanent home in Kševás Rakhát, they soon became partners in both a professional and personal sense, with children being born not too many years later. Both continued their work, with one tending to the home and family while the away is away, or sharing the burden with extended family when both are away, with both spending time teaching their shared craft to their children.

Our story begins with Iantó having accepted a new commission from the Imperial military to act a guide and tracker for allied Drakenlloch forces, recently arrived for the purpose of a Toshkhat-Drakenlloch joint operation against the reemergence of a cult based upon a formerly banned branch of the trialith faith. His two children, by that point, would both be entering their teenage years, and already familiar with the family craft, with Iantó's own skills, as well as his repertoire of known magics, continuously improving over the years. Though certainly not the first time that this banned branch of the trialith faith had reemerged, with such operations having occurred numerous times in the past, it would only be the second time for Drakenlloch's involvement, and only the first time for Iantó's involvement.
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