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Caulin Vale | Young "Hero" of the Chivalric Order Empty Caulin Vale | Young "Hero" of the Chivalric Order

Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:03 pm
Caulin Vale | Young "Hero" of the Chivalric Order Caulin_Vale

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Human – Kayeraini

Nationality: Kayeraini – Commonwealth of Kayerin

Place of Residence: Citadel of Shallowsend

Appearance: Caulin is classically handsome, with luxuriant, dull-blond hair that looks “artfully messy”. The Vale family has noble ancestry, which shows in the set of Caulin’s brow and the squareness of his jaw. His only blemish is a scar on the right side of his temple. Typically he wears his facial hair in a five o’clock shadow. He is usually seen armored in the gear of the Chivalric Order of Kayerin, silver mail with olive-green cloak. His weapon of choice is a two-handed sword, handed down through his family through many generations. Its name is Cyne (meaning flower in Old Kayric), and has rose motifs embedded in the metal.

Background: Caulin is the youngest of four males in the Vale family. The Vales used to be a proud but poor warrior family, but in previous generations, they have acquired wealth and transitioned into a ruling merchant class. The warrior legacy now is only a distant memory.

However, with Caulin’s older siblings taking key roles in either the family business, the Senate of Fairhope, or the shipping industry respectively, Caulin has taken up the mantle of the Chivalrics.
Being a member of the Chivalrics (a specialized military unit) means that Caulin is deployed wherever the needs of the Order lie. Although he wasn’t terrible during his training, he failed to impress, and was deployed to the frontier city of Shallowsend, where the borders of Old Kayerin end and the colonies of the Taügumiat, also called the Icri, began.

It was here that Caulin earned his notoriety. A group of fanatic necromancers, led by a shaman named Aruunoq, led an assault of undead on Shallowsend and managed to infiltrate the main citadel, laying waste to the lower levels and setting it on fire. Caulin was on guard duty and managed to knock the shaman off the wall, slicing with his greatsword Cyne.

Although he is of comparatively low rank within the Chivalrics, Caulin is somewhat of a celebrity, garnering the nickname of “Shamanbane.” Due to his youth and reputation, he has become a mascot of sorts for the Chivalrics, and his name is known around Shallowsend and tales have even gotten back to Fairhope about his prowess.

However, only Caulin knows the truth, that he killed an impostor, did not actually kill Aruunoq, and the shaman is still out there plotting another assault…
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