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Kaie Ketsaiga | A young, former soldier Empty Kaie Ketsaiga | A young, former soldier

Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:36 pm
Character Name: Kaie Ketsaiga

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Toškhát (Sudai)
Nationality: Toshkhat Empire; Shogunate of Kyokai (dual-national)
Place of Residence: Mibu Village, Fuyuzuki Province, Island of Joushu, Kyokai

Appearance: A lean but well-toned, highly athletic build, Kaie stands at 7'9" (roughly average height for Toškhát, though slightly on the tall side for Sudai), with deep, bright, piercing golden eyes, and with straight, thick, dense, but very short fur/hair (as is typical of Sudai) of mostly dark-brown and ebony, with some small traces of red ochre and white. Typically wears attire common to Mibu, though still possesses some parts of the original Toškhát armoured military uniform he'd been wearing when he'd first arrived in Kyokai (the few parts strapped on tightly enough to not wash away in the storm that brought him there). Softly spoken and favouring a calm demeanor, to members of other races, Kaie may appear notably more approachable than many of his Toškhát kin.

Background: Born in Oúsk Rakhát (Sudšim, Toshkhat Empire), Kaie joined the ranks of the Imperial military at a young age, as is common of many young males of the Empire, and after finishing his training, was posted under the command of the Kommandante of his home city. A keen observer and exceptionally fast learner, his military career remained unmarred up until its end, though with somewhat swelled ranks in the Imperial military, corruption at various levels of hierarchy, few incidents or opportunities to demonstrate one's own prowess presenting themselves in the relatively peaceful Sudšim state, and being under the direct command of a particularly tyrannical Kommandante himself, very little rank or notoriety was to be gained during that time.

His career ultimately ended the day he decided that his post, under the command of the local Kommandante, was becoming too perilous, and that he'd had enough of the corruption he could see, but couldn't prove, and felt he could do very little about directly, and as an escape, sought to commandeer a small dinghy with the intention of heading to Toškhátšim, to find either a Génerále or Kommandante there that might be willing to listen to his concerns. Unfortunately, an unexpectedly powerful storm emerged that day, setting him west instead of north, directly into the turbulent Arashi Sea, or Sea of Storms.

With no control over small dinghy in the rough waves, its mast quickly broke, sending him adrift in the sea, tumbling endlessly onward. Miraculously, he survived the storm, clinging unconsciously onto the small crossbeam that had originally served as the main support for the dinghy up until it eventually broke apart, eventually washing up along the coast of Kyokai.

There, he was found by Ichiro, a local fisherman living in the small village of Mibu. After his recovery and befriending most of the locals, Kaie and Ichiro headed to the capital of Kyokai to seek Kaie's citizenship, with some small troubles along the way, but nothing that couldn't be overcome.

Returning to Mibu afterward, which had become Kaie's new home by that point in time, he continued to live with Ichiro's family to present date.
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