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Miranda Shivali | Dragon Tamer Empty Miranda Shivali | Dragon Tamer

Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:44 pm
Character Name: Miranda Shivali

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Nationality: Drakenlloch (Immigrant)
Place of Residence: Sgòthan Geala

Appearance: Mira stands at 5' 5" with a thin, athletic build and tan skin. She has dark blue eyes and long, black hair, often worn in a braid or ponytail down her back. She favors outfits that emphasize ruggedness and flexibility, usually a blue, green or gray short sleeve tunic paired with slightly baggy pants.

Mira often wears a dagger on her back oriented for a left handed draw. While she doesn't typically arm herself beyond the dagger she does occasionally carry a pair of hook swords on her back, usually when traveling in unfamiliar territory.

Background Mira was born to a nomadic tribe which specialized in hunting dragons. At the age of five her family took her along for a hunt and, after succeeding in two kills, set up camp at the dragons' former nest to harvest the meat and materials. While the others were occupied Mira found a dragon egg the others had missed. Curiosity got the better of her and she took it for herself in spite of her tribe's efforts to teach her just how dangerous dragons could be. Knowing they would destroy it she kept the egg hidden for months.

Eventually, whether due to Mira's instinct for caring for the egg or due to simple luck, the egg hatched. The dragon immediately imprinted on Mira as if she were his mother. Any fear Mira might have held towards dragons immediately gave way to curiosity once again in that moment. Going against everything her tribe had taught her she raised the hatchling in secret. She succeeded for another two years, though by this point the dragon had grown considerably. The pair of them were discovered by her parents and the resulting commotion drew the attention of the tribe. As soon as they realized what was happening most of them went straight for weapons. Mira, with very little forethought, ran into the wilderness, leading the dragon away from her people.

By some miracle Mira was discovered by Otoru, a lynel who had been wandering the wilderness since departing his pack. At first she was terrified, though she was too weak to try to escape. Fortunately he chose to help, carrying both Mira and her dragon on his back towards the nearest coastal town. There they encountered a family who was visiting from Drakenlloch. They nursed the pair of them back to health, adopted Mira and brought the pair of them back to Drakenlloch. For the first time Mira truly felt that she had a home. Otoru traveled to Drakenlloch with them as well, finally finding himself a home there.

Mira's intelligence and curiosity soon led her to study a variety of fields including martial arts, scientific studies and magic powers, specializing in lightning magic. She soon turned her focus towards studying and understanding the behavior of dragons. This was born out of a combination of curiosity and respect for the creatures as well as ensuring that she could properly care for the dragon she had raised for most of her life. She soon made a name for herself in the field of dragon studies, both for the dragon she raised and her frequent trips into the mountains despite the danger.
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