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Drakenlloch - Dragon's Refuge Empty Drakenlloch - Dragon's Refuge

Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:43 pm
Nation Name: Drakenlloch

Capital: Comraich

Population: 800,000

Global Status: Minor power, often provides neutral ground for negotiations, frequently receives immigrants fleeing discriminatory societies

Ethnicities: Too many to count. Drakenlloch is believed to be the birthplace of the alitri, though in the past few centuries people from all over the world have come to call this place home.

National Language: Too many to count
Official Languages: Common Tongue
Economic System: Free market with state taxation and limited regulation

Government Type: Representative Oligarchy

High Council: Most of the government's power lies with the High Council. The Council consists of twelve members, each of which is chosen by a lengthy direct election process. The Council has authority over the military, taxation, foreign relations and legislation, though with some restrictions in the latter case. Each member appoints a Vice-Councilor, one who will serve in their place temporarily if they are unable to do so. In the event of the death, removal or resignation of a Councilor their Vice Councilor serves until a replacement is elected, though there is nothing preventing them from running in said election. None of the seats are reserved for any particular race; for example a human could be running against an alitri for the same seat. However, no more than four seats can be owned by any single race.

Legislation is proposed by any Councilor and ratified by either a unanimous Council vote or a majority public vote. Any single Councilor or piece of legislation can be challenged for removal by the Court at any time, though this requires the Court to form an Assembly chosen from the public to hear their case and vote on their removal.

Term limits are not defined. Once elected each councilor serves until death, resignation or removal by the Court. In any of the three cases their respective vice Councilor serves in their place until a new Councilor is elected.

Elections: Drakenlloch has a lengthy election process which is designed to narrow the field from an initial pool of several candidates. Any citizen can be placed on the ballot by either a nomination from a current Councilor or a petition with at least 1,000 signatures. Candidates are typically put forward by political parties for the purposes of campaigns, though the parties have no official authority or recognition and are not a requirement to run.

The election itself typically takes place in several rounds. Each voter provides two votes: One for their preferred candidate and one for removal. If one candidate wins over 50% of the preference votes then that candidate wins. If not then whichever candidate receives the greatest number of removal votes is removed from the ballot. The process is then repeated with the remaining candidates until one wins the 50% vote. Elections often require several elimination rounds before one candidate wins the majority.

After winning the vote candidates must undergo one more trial before joining the Council. The candidate must travel to a meeting place on Nathair Beinn close to the nest of one of the elder dragons. He or she must draw the attention of an elder and place themselves at its mercy. If the dragon allows the candidate to live then they ascend to the Council. If the dragon kills the candidate, or the candidate flees, the last round is repeated without them.

This practice has its roots in the founding of the nation. One of the founders of the Council was said to have been chosen by an elder dragon to lead the nation before uniting the people, creating a government that would represent the needs of all people, not just the wealthy or royalty. Since then several candidates began to make the same journey as a show of bravery. Eventually it became expected of every Councilor.

Currency: Draken - A round coin with a dragon on one side and a mountain on the other. The mountain represents Nathair Beinn, the site of both the capital city of Drakenlloch and home to a pair of elder dragons.


Religion: There is a widely held belief in Drakenlloch that dragons are more than just beasts, that they are intelligent beings who watch over the land and protect the people. While institutionalized worship of the dragons is rare there are many people who revere them as gods, or at least something close to it. The Council uses a portion of its revenue to provide aid for the dragons from a distance, namely food and isolation. Many ranchers and fishermen also contribute their own surplus, though the level of worship varies.

There is no state religion in Drakenlloch; members are free to practice whatever beliefs they wish. Aside from varying levels of respect or reverence for the dragons there are a wide variety of religions practiced by the citizens, owing to the diversity of their origins.



Social Mobility: Councilors tend to serve relatively long terms, though with power concentrated in a small group they are able to enact changes relatively quickly.

Political Activity: All citizens are eligible to participate in elections and even become a Councilor. Additionally, the Court has the authority to form a temporary Assembly of randomly selected citizens to vote on the reversal of legislation, removal of a Councilor or other legal dispute.

Geographic Mobility: Movement within and out of the country for citizens is relatively unrestricted. The main exception is the mountains; citizens are prohibited from approaching the dragons' nests without special permission. However, this is generally enforced only when they attempt to make the climb either in large groups or with dragon-killer weapons.


Nathair Beinn: One of the largest mountains in the nation, Nathair Beinn serves as the home of both an elder dragon nest and the capital of the nation.

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