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Moriyama Haruka | The Fiery Samurai Girl Empty Moriyama Haruka | The Fiery Samurai Girl

Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:46 pm
Character Name: Moriyama Haruka (neé Sagara)

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human – Kyokan
Nationality: Kyokan - Shogunate of Kyokai
Place of Residence: Originally from Tenken, Negasaki Province—currently resides with Kojuro in Tsukishima Province

Appearance: With vivid aquamarine eyes, shoulder-length dark brown hair, Haruka had been seen as a rare beauty since childhood. Though slight of figure, one would hardly believe she is a more-than-capable warrior, trained from childhood in the ways of war and self-defense. Despite her sometimes wild and reckless demeanor, she most typically can be seen wearing a pleasant smile.

Her typical attire consists of many colorful robes, many bearing the sigils of both her family’s house, as well as the Moriyama, to which she married into.

Reference: https://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/570599

Background: As a child, Haruka was always relentlessly rambunctious. To the point that her parents, the Lord and Lady of Tenken, found it difficult to control her. Never one for sitting down and learning of womanly duties, she instead found herself drawn toward the life of a warrior. Not uncommon, and technically of Samurai blood, there was nothing her parents could say or do to keep a sword, spear, or bow from her hands.

Often, they would do business in the neighboring province of Tsukishima. It was in that city that Haruka was eventually tempered—if only slightly—by the presence of one boy that caught her eye. She learned, after visiting Lord Moriyama’s estate a few times, that the boy she had spotted was his new paige, Kojuro—once a peasant child, turned warrior apprentice, he had been given his new Lord’s family name as the ultimate gift. Taking an interest, she made certain to follow him about the Lord’s castle anytime she spotted him, always staying just out of sight.

Haruka watched him practice at swordsmanship. She watched him learn the way of the bow, and then hand-to-hand combat training. If he wasn’t busy bruising his body through training, he was busy doing daily chores—running messages, cleaning the stables, washing the floors. Even in such menial tasks, Haruka watched him with rapt attention.

And evidently, when she didn’t notice, he had been watching her as well. Eventually, both of their covers were blown, and the two finally greeted each other as children often did. A friendship was born, and the two became inseparable.

As years passed, friendship turned to love. Haruka, hardly one for secrets or subtlety, told her parents of her desire to marry Kojuro. Despite their pleas and their want for her to marry into another noble family, she wouldn’t hear of it. Her mind had already been made up. Seeing the fire in their daughter’s eyes, her parents soon gave in completely, eventually supporting her decision, despite any lingering reservations they may have had. At the ages of 22 and 23 respectively, the two were wed in front of the Gods, and united for life.
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