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Sasaki Aya | The Adventurous Peasant Girl Empty Sasaki Aya | The Adventurous Peasant Girl

Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:40 pm
Character Name: Sasaki Aya

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human – Kyokan
Nationality: Kyokan - Shogunate of Kyokai
Place of Residence: Izu Village, Sendai Province, Island of Hekkaido, Kyokai

Appearance: Average of height and shapely of figure, Aya wears her hair—dark as obsidian—long, tied into a loose ponytail which may often by seen worn over one of her shoulders. Her eyes are a brilliant blue-green, reflecting the sea surrounding her country. Aya wears a set of simple robes tied at the waste by a sash. She prefers duller tones of reds, blues, greens, and golds.


Sticking from her sash is a worn dagger, while strapped to her back is a quiver of arrows and a short recurve bow—she carries no swords due to the national ban on martial weapons for the general populace.

Background: Aya was born as a single child to a pair of loving, hard-working merchant class parents. She has grown up most of her life in the village of her birth, Izu, and has hardly had much occasion to leave the general area, only having gone so far as the small town of Yukijima to the south. Due to her upbringing and environment, she has thus far led a fairly carefree, happy life.

Nevertheless, her parents taught her of the virtues of hard work. She aided them both in their shop, hunted with her father since childhood, and worked alongside her mother in the gardens or fishing from a boat.

Now an adult, and having long passed through her formal education (always an eager and curious student), she has decide to strike out on her own journey to see the rest of the world—starting with her own country of Kyokai. With only her trusty bow and a dagger (passed down from her father) to aid her in her journey, she awaits her ship at the port of Miwa.
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