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The Rules and Guidelines

on Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:56 am
The Rules

These are just some simple rules that the players should follow while playing this game. Afterward will be a set of guidelines which a player should heed, for it should help them very much so within the game. Please read carefully.

  • First and foremost, follow the forum rules

  • Always respect and follow the GM's decisions

  • Respect your fellow players

  • Never BS in game, this should be played realistically

  • Never God-Mod

  • No player is invincible

  • Keep your posts long, a good solid paragraph or two would be nice, as a minimum. The only way it should be shorter is if it is dialogue between two characters and nothing much is happening in the game.

  • No teleportation = You must travel to a location where you wish to go.

  • Have fun! =D



  • When using a melee weapon, remember that over time, the blade or blunt edge will dull. Get weapons fixed to better the condition. Less effective weapons will only cause you harm in battle.

  • Post in detail, give us a description of what is going on around you! Make this as exciting as possible!

  • When meeting different races, keep in mind the nations relationship with each one. You may be surprised about how they act toward you... especially if you are a New Temperian.

  • Barter is an alternative to money, trade things that you might come across. And some things might be worth more in one Feudal State, than the other, due to cultural differences.

  • In the north, it is cold. Remember this.

  • If you venture into the Netherland Regions, beware of the unknown. There is a reason why most people never venture within its boundaries.

  • Remember that each race has a strength and weakness.

  • When in a tavern, pray that you are a happy drunk, and not a violent.
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