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Helpful Hints and Guidelines

on Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:17 am

.Follow the forum rules please. I and Red will not tolerate someone who doesn't in the game.

.NO GOD-MODDING = Do not purposely make your colony better in one post. You are building a nation from the bones up, please be realistic, because if you aren't I will make your time in the game, a living hell.

.Depending on the project(s) you undertake, it will take time to create them. For large projects: IE Castles, HQ's, Palaces, Battlement Walls, extensive roads, etc. Time will be longer. It should take up to at least 6 to 10 posts to finish a project like that. Medium projects should be three to five, and small projects will take from one to two posts to complete, these being things like: Manor Houses, Docks, small buildings, etc.

.Some big projects that you wish to do may not be available until a new age occurred. Technology gets better with each age: Ex --> Bronze Age to Iron Age. Think about what you would use to get through your endeavor before you post, because it might not be possible until another age. If you decide to forget this rule, then I or Red will be the judge of whether you could complete said task or not.

.In Battles and other such scenarios, I and Red will be the judge of the outcome, YOU ARE NOT. We will decide based on each nations progression and statistics. Also, we will take into account, the terrain played on and the race used, as some races are more adaptable to one environment, while others are not.

.Please, while making posts, be detailed, specific, and in depth on what your nation is doing. The only time a post should be a line or two is when it is dialogue between one person and the other.

.YOU can NOT age up BY YOURSELF! I will post when the ages are changing, and you will grin and bear with it.

.Also, speaking of the races: The race you pick must live in the place it is most adaptable to. If you do not, then you must post the rigors of adaptation that the character goes through. If you are a Civ leader though, then you CAN NOT make a civilization somewhere that is not adaptable. The people of the nation are your first priority, and most would be unwilling to live somewhere that they are not used to.

.As a Wanderer, you have the freedom to travel wherever, and live wherever. Find someones civilization and you may ask to be housed. You may take a job as anything you please, and then you can leave whenever. You are also able to leave a civ and create your own if you feel confident in your abilities. Remember, if some civilizations have been created for a while, it should be hard to gain people to go to your own unless you live away from said previous civilization.

.When events occur (which will be separate posts from the main RP), then you may either join in on the event, or you have the freedom to continue on in normal life. Normally, events are significant and will gain everyone's attention, unless they enjoy taking their own civs or their own lives in their hands.

.Buildings don't rise from nothing, and gold doesn't appear out of thin air. You must somehow earn said gold (If you are the leader of a civ) to keep your civ going. It's called an economy. While starting out, I suggest mining in your territory for precious metals and other things then selling for gold. Taxation is another good bet, but you had better have a good sized population, or fear rebellion. That also goes for the amount that you tax from civilians.

.Food is necessary as well as water. Its an island, so you have no excuse not to have water. And food is easy to come by all the time. Fish, hunt, or cultivate. Either way, you will have many many mouths to feed.

.Get creative here, and you will do well in the game. Cheers guys, and have fun!!!
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