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Hog Mutluk "He's back as well"

on Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:54 pm
Name: Hog Mutluk

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Faction: Rebels/Jedi (Although he still has problems with them)

Age: 36

Appearance: Brown hair, with stubble. He has an athletic physicque

Personality: Very humerous in dangerous situatations, he is a brilliant mechanic and a sharp shot with his Blaster Rifle

Affiliation with Other Factions: Has been known to communicate with the Sith/Empire at times, but like the Rebels/Jedi, he has problems with them. He finds the True Sith pointless, but none the less, gets on with them in life-death situations. Has not communicated with Dark Jedi yet. He has heard of the Neo Republic and thinks well of their efforts

History: One of the survivors of the catastrophic battle of Yavin IV, Hog met many intresting characters on finding out what went down between his father and the Empire and Rebels. Whilst continusly search for Darth Slayer for a rematch, Hog met his father, who was a Jedi, sent to his death by the Rebellion and killed by Stormtroopers. This has caused his problems with both factions. Fighting with and against both Bain and The Hood, he has made more enemies than friends in his lifetime. He currently resides on Endor, away from the wars unless when he is called upon by someone who is in desperate need of help. And has alot of Credits.

Clothing/Armour: On his home planet of Endor, he is seen wearing his camoflauged clothes which change depending on the enviroment. His armour has changed since his last adventure with him now wearing these clothes with some body armour underneath his shirt for increased mobility. He has ammo pouches on his belt.

Weapons: Although he has a large garrison at home, Hog never leaves without his trusty Blaster Rifle and his newly obatained Vibrosword. He also carries a Rechargeable Blaster Pistol for emergencies.

Extar Gear: On his back, Hog has a jetpack used to attack his enemies from a height

Private Starships Name: Hermes

Private Starships Details: Hermes was the Mark II version of Hogs previous ship which was destroyed by the True Sith in Hogs second adventure. Like it's predecessor, Hog's ships has the ability to communicate freely with it's captain and passengers, which can be quite annoying for him.
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Re: Hog Mutluk "He's back as well"

on Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:02 pm
Hehe.. I don't remember blowing up your last ship, although I wouldn't doubt that I would. Good to see another vet join up in the game.


Also, just as a reminder, players may create two characters for themselves. That is all optional however. =D
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