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The Utagan Kingdom

on Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:03 pm
Nation Name: Utagan Kingdom
Form of Government: Monarchy
Economic Form: Feudalism
Leader (Title): King (Current monarch is King Vixalare IV). Their is also a right hand man of the King that usually operates the military named the Tirithon (current Tirithon is Azadar).
Unique Features:
~Great ranged units
~Large workforce
~Has an excellent supply of lumber and iron.
~Stone walls around the capital
~A main castle for the current monarch
~There are many magic sensitive Utagans that have become spell-casters for the army.
~Network of spies to get information

Population: 40,000
Quality of Life: Life is hard in Utagan right now, as the current leader of it, Vixalare IV, is a tyrant and treats everyone unequally. Those of high rank are treated quite well, while the peasants are treated like dirt. Everyone knows that rebellion is imminent if this continues, but Vixalare will not heed to their words. If the King does not change his way, there may never be a hope for the monarchy to stand.

Government Spending: 25%
Trade Routes:
Social Programs:
-Jobs are given by the government to those of low position.
-Controlled rations

Available Resources: Lumber, Iron, Water, Wild game in the forest. There is also now magically enhanced lumber. A good trade item, that it is!
Resource Needs: They need a better type of metal and have needs for stone as many of their buildings are made out of it and they have run out of it in their area.

Unique Projects:
-The Wall -- It is unfinished as of now, but it is still being worked on. It will hopefully heighten the defense system in Utagan and allow a place for the archers to shoot from above.

Housing: The lowly peasant folk live on the outskirts of the main castle in log cabins and such. The Knights, Barons, and the King himself live inside the castle with luxury housing.
Major Buildings:
-The Main Castle
-The Citadel

Military Buildings:
-The Forge
-Training Grounds

Military Spending: 18%. Military is the main focus at the moment.
Training: Training for soldiers is very hard and grueling, but it makes great soldiers out of it. Some people even die from how hard the training is. They are trained in various different ways, depending on what their weapons and strengths are.
Conscription?: It is being considered by the current monarch, but for now, it is a no.
Military Size: About 8,000 military units, not counting the town militia.
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