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Utagan Leaders

on Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:09 pm
.Main Character Name: King Vixalare IV

.Race: Dark Elf

.Equipment Carried: He carries the crown of Utagan and has a few medical supplies with him just in case.

.Appearance: He is quite tall and muscular, standing at almost 6'3. He has long brown hair with grey hair on the sides from his age.

.Personality: He is a selfish and power hungry individual. He is inconsiderate to most others and values his own life over anyone else. Even though he is brash and not quite bright, he is a good leader and never gives up.

.Weapon(s) and Armor He carries an iron longsword and has a iron armor that he uses in battle alone.

.History: Vixalare IV was born of royal blood and was one of the five clans that Utagan consisted of before it turned into a monarchy. He grew up with a tough lifestyle, training constantly as the five clans were all at war with each other to gain control of the forest. When he was old enough he joined the army and became the commander, proving himself in battle countless times. After a few years of fighting, Vixalare's clan defeated the others and they claimed the lands of the forest and its dwellers. Immediately after, a capital city of Utagasa was created and a castle was built after a couple years of hard work. Vixalare became the ruling monarch of the kingdom and ruled with an iron fist, destroying any rebels and helping keep everything in order. For ten years the kingdom put up with him. Now he is a crazy tyrant, making awful decisions half the time.

.Intended Colony Name: Utagan Kingdom

.Intended Primary Form of Government: Monarchy, none other. He desires absolute control.


.Character Name: Tithiron Azadar

.Race: Dark Elf

.Equipment Carried: He has a pack of supplies with him whenever he travels and carries some medicinal supplies.

.Appearance: He has long black hair and a horizontal scar going across his face from a sword slash. He is not very tall, standing at about 5'9, and is slim.

.Personality: Azadar is quiet and reserved most of the time, but he knows when he is supposed to speak up, he just doesn't do so when it is unnecessary. He is kind hearted and has a very bright mind.

.Weapon(s) and Armor He has a longbow with iron arrows and has a cuirass of leather.

.History: Azadar was born into a Knight's family of high rank and was trained his whole life. His father was the current Tithioron, but after a dreadful accident, Azadar succeeded his father. He was quickly recognized as one of the militaries finest minds and highly respected by everyone, including the peasants because of his kindness. He grew accustomed to his position after a year and currently tries to keep the King in line with his advice.
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Re: Utagan Leaders

on Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:47 pm
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