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Cecil Fredrick

on Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:32 pm
Character Name: Cecil Fredrick
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Gunner and cook (though he is not as proficient a cook as he is a gunner. He mainly has two jobs because when they are not in combat, the gunning position gets a little boring). He is also proficient at using the mandolin, so he could be considered a Musician as well, but only part time.
History: Cecil was born into a poor family in a small port town. He grew up in poverty, but learned many things about ships and cooking, due to his interest in the profession. After a while, he was drafted into the Marines navy and forced to work. He learned how to gun in his travels and became very good at it. One day, his ship was attacked by pirates and sunk. Cecil barely survived and suffered a severe injury that made him blind in one eye, but made it back to the shore on a piece of driftwood. Cecil was kind of glad to get away from the horrible service in that navy, though he felt sick being happy about people dying. Now Cecil finds himself on Frigid Heath without much of anything to survive off of. He gained a job at the inn as a cook and bought many of his current belongings with his pay, but he yearned to be part of something important. He wanted to get back to the seas. Hopefully, that becomes a reality.
Appearance: He is fairly tall (about 5'9) and is pretty lean from gunning his whole life. He has dark brown hair that is messy and unkempt. He also has a mustache and goatee, though sometimes it turns into a full beard because of forgetting to shave.
Personality: He is a very friendly person, though he may seem rude at times, and has a pretty outgoing personality. He welcomes company and likes to have a social drink or two with his crew members every so often.
Clothing: He has a dirty and weatherworn short sleeve shirt and crimson colored breeches that have a hole in one of the knees. He wears an eye-patch and always has his chef hat on. He usually doesn't wear shoes.
Weapons: He has a flintlock pistol and a steel cutlass. If the need arises, he can always use his frying pan.
Gear: He always carries a pipe and some tobacco with him. He usually takes a mandolin along with him to entertain the crew when morale is low with lighthearted and comedic songs. He carries some cooking equipment occasionally, but usually just keeps it in the store room.
Bounty: He does not have a very high price on his head, because no one pays attention to the lowly cook. He has about 500 Beli on his head.
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Re: Cecil Fredrick

on Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:35 pm

I cannot wait to see some frying pan action! You are:

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