Markus Speris

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Markus Speris

Post by Kamikaze_X on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:22 pm

Post Originally Made by Redcoat

.Main Character Name: Markus Scipio Speris

.Race: Dwarf

.Equipment Carried: Heavy traveler's rucksack (contains maps, medical supplies, rations, journal, several other things). Canteen.

.Appearance: A giant of a dwarf, standing four feet two inches tall. Very muscular, with defined features. Keeps his hair short. Usually wears either armour, a ceremonial toga, or commoner's clothes (usually forbidden for an aristocrat).

.Personality: A generous, wise, and noble leader, who considers himself above petty personal squabbles. Well-known for his long-term planning skills, foreseeing problems as they will be in twenty years instead of the next five minutes. Egalitarian and reformist in his viewpoints, which often puts him at odds with his superiors back in Rume. Despite his, he could best any at a duel or in an intellectual contest, and he is regarded extremely well by his inferiors. He is known as an atheist, but his charisma more than makes up for it.

.Weapon(s) and Armour: Gladius, three pilum, scutum, lorica segmentata, iron leggings, boots, Centurion's helmet

.History: Born and raised to commoner's parents. He personally rose through the ranks to an aristocrat by military service and backbreaking hard work, finding himself many allies among the lower classes. He chose to colonise the Island mostly for a new adventure, and a chance to escape typical Ruman society.

.Intended Colony Name: New Capua

.Intended Primary Form of Government: Early, popular dictatorship (by necessity). Later plans are socialistic and republican in nature, and perhaps Anti-Ruman...

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