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Stirring the Pot [ATTN: Maik, Desertback]

on Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:25 pm
Sent Per Will of President Antony Lassale;
To Be Received by Gen. Leon Ribault, Capuan Armed Forces;
To Be Received by High Command, Capuan Armed Forces.
Dated 30 June 1571.
Greetings, friends.

Our embassy in the Holy Empire has reported to us, as anticipated, that the Toskhat have begun amassing their forces and are ready to begin assaults. I have instructed Pierre to begin further operations in this regard. In addition, attached to this document is the Ministry for State Intelligence's appraisal of Solari defences after recent espionage activities. For the part of the military, expect our plans to work out just fine--but I would caution you against overconfidence.

Begin recruitment drives in all major cities, as anticipated. We march in seven days' time. Why this, you ask? Also attached to this document is an appraisal of Imperial defence capabilities and logistics. The attack should have definitely started by that time; as it stands, it appears that Republican troops will march at the same time as the Empire's, resulting in a two-pronged attack.

Be ready, and God be with you. You and your soldiers are the best hope for the People and their Republic; upon your shoulders rests the burden of securing their safety from our Fascist neighbours. Do not fail.

Antony Lassale

OOC: The rest of this post is fake. Also, normally I'd roll for this, but I have Maik's permission. So there. Razz
Sent Per Will of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
To Be Received in Privacy by Pierre Alderbie, Ambassador to the Holy Empire.
Dated 30 June 1571.
Dear Pierre,

You are advised to disregard former orders and remain within the Imperial capital for the time being. It has come to the attention of the Ministry for State Intelligence that forces present in West Solaris are not of strength sufficient to mount an invasion of the Holy Empire at this time; indeed we are seeing a redeployment of Solari forces to Sperare Impero and the Eastern portions of the Fascist dominion.

Though we are certain that the Solarians do conspire to invade the Holy Empire in light of recent border events, the threat to your person and mission is now minimal. In the event of hostilities between the Republic and the Dictatorship, your directive is to seek and obtain Imperial assistance as quickly as possible; you may reveal this intelligence to them if such conditions do come to pass.

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Re: Stirring the Pot [ATTN: Maik, Desertback]

on Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:08 pm
OOC: DB. We need to confer about this at some point, either over MSN or through PM. I'm really keen to get this started - All our preparations for war, for it to not happen, would be a bit of an anti-climax - But neither of us knows what the other has on their coastlines and etc, and to play it fair, logistically, we should confer. I could always just make stuff up, but, would rather chat with you about it, because I don't want to post a massive opening attack and risk a ragequit, risk having to rewrite the whole thing or risk the game simply becoming boring because we all end up doing whatever we want. Just saying. I'm going to hold out from herein until I've heard back from you, or if, let's say, four days pass, and we haven't conferred, we'll get Bleach or someone to adjudicate. Not trying to sound pissy, but to the contrary, trying to solve problems in advance before they happen. Kudos. Razz
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