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The Dominion of Ironhull

on Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:24 am
Name of Country: Ironhull
Nickname: Iron Empire
Race: Human
Motto: Honor through Power
Flag: The Ironhull flag is triangular and is red with a grey eagle in the center
Location (on map): Ironhull is located in the mid-section of the unoccupied island in the south west portion of the map.
Various Symbols:
Leader Title: Dominion Chancellor
Leader Name: Dominion Chancellor Dempsy
Capital: Helmsburg
State Religion: (none)
Political Overview: The Chancellor holds all power over the country. He has the abilities to create new laws, declare war and negotiate trade.
Economic Overview:The Department of Trade commands all forms of economy inside Ironhull. Currency is based on amount of gold bricks produced in Imperial Gold Mines situated around Ironhull.

National History: 100 years ago, Durn Grushna unified the city-states of Ironhull and began the first Empire of Ironhull. Durn the First was the greatest leader of the three Grushnas so far. He established education, manufacturing and health care, bringing Ironhull out of the gutter it was in. Durn the Second cut spending to many "excess" programs and amassed a large amount of wealth, but died early and left the throne to his son, Durn the Third. He reestablished programs such as education and health care, but also revamped science and manufacturing in hopes of becoming equal in stature to the larger, older countries in the world. He is revered as great, but not an equal to his Grandfather. As of Aug. 16th, he Grushna line was killed and replaced by Pylonus Dempsy who ruled a short ten minutes before being killed and usurped by his son Wilhelm.

Political Systems: The Dominion Chancellor holds all power in the system. He allows his department heads to control the micromanaging. His council advises him on tactics, situations and improvements. The people elect the council members, but the Throne stays though blood.

Economic Systems: Ironhull profits off its great quality of weapons, machines and furniture. Trade is obviously large here. The People are allowed Free Trade.

Important Resources: Ironhull is known for its large sums of metal including Iron, Gold, Copper and steel. Gems and oil have been struck recently as Imperial Miners dig further into the earth. Timber, coal and wheat are also large here.

Significant Figures:
Wilhelm Dempsy (Dominion Chancellor)
Joseph Remer (Army Head)
Sol Vice (Navy Head)
Captain Frantz (Empire's greatest Naval Officer)

Societal Overview: Citizens have a good life. They live with slight restrictions and governmental control. They are allowed to vote for new members of the Imperial Council. The one issue is that all males from ages 17-30 must sign up for military work at least once in their lives. If they refuse or are not cleared with proper government documents they cannot work or gain further education.

Geographical Overview: Ironhull is moderatly mountainous with rich, wide fertile valleys. Small lakes and winding rivers also dot the map.

Climate Overview: Located where it is on the world provides a large array of climates. Cities located towards the north experience warmer climate while cities in the south are used to the cold.

Technological Overview: Ironhull is slowly making its mark with technology. Small upper class villages controlled lighting in the form of fuel lamps and the utility is expanding outwards. The small production of steel is improving the market and opening up new doors. The discovery of Gunpowder has also opened new doors for long range weapons.

Military Overview: What was originally a country of bows and arrows, and iron swords has now become a large military. Most soldiers are armed with iron blades and flintlock pistols. Advanced soldiers are armed with rifles, and steel blades. For armor, standard heavy cloth uniforms with chainmail torsos underneath. Uniforms are a dark red with a gold color as a secondary.

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Re: The Dominion of Ironhull

on Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:20 am
I'm impressed. Very good registration. In the Map thread (Territories forum), if you might be able to give me all the information needed so that I might edit the world map to include you, that'd be fantastic.

I will need your nations name, a few cities and where they're located, of course including your capital city. Any small bodies of water external from your continent (ie; seas, bays, gulfs, straights, etc.), and lastly the color you want to be identified with.

Otherwise, thanks for joining (and also welcome to LS)

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Re: The Dominion of Ironhull

on Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:31 am
would you mind if i just post a pic of all that stuff?
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Re: The Dominion of Ironhull

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