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The Rise of the Dominion of Ironhull

on Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:16 am
[SIC] The streets of Helmsburg were quiet, the skies were grey and the masses were gathering inside Imperial Square. In an alley a puddle was disturbed as a boot slammed down into it. A man stopped at a corner and waited for the sounds of marching to pass by before darting out into the street again. The newly established secret police, The Dominion Intelligence Agency, were after the man, he was a servant in the Grushna mansion and witnessed the events of the coup and a threat to national security.
The man darted through the alleyways and was getting closer to the docks. A friend of his had arranged his ship to sail out of Ironhull this morning, the man and a few other servants were to be escorted in a small ship down the river and to the bay where a larger ship would take them to Capua where they would be safe. He looked behind him for any signs of being followed. There were none. He spun back around and was met by a large blonde man in a dark trench coat and hat looming over him. He was grabbed by the giant and brought closer to him. The tall man brought out his other hand, clenched in a fist, and struck the man between the eyes. He was unconscious, and slung over the tall man's shoulder. He began to walk down the alley when a cart blocked the entrance. Another man, average size but dressed in the same garb, whistled and the brute dropped the body in the rear. He lifted a cover which revealed more men and women also knocked out and then covered the new man. The brute hopped in the passenger seat and the cart sped off.
There was a large crowd in Imperial Square, Wilhelm liked that. He combed back his blonde hair and straitened out his military dress jacket. He looked at himself in the mirror. Wilhelm was young still, and his dark blonde hair was still youthful in color and there were hardly any bags or wrinkles on his face. His nose was crooked and there was a slightly noticeable scar down his left cheek. He ran his fingers through his hair one last time and then moved away from the mirror and into the frame of the archway to the balcony overlooking the square. There was some cheering, but the crowd grew quiet fast. He moved up to the balcony and began to speak to the crowd.
“ Citizens of Ironhull, I am Wilhelm Dempsy. Son of the late Pylonus Dempsy who was once chief advisor to his Highness Durn Grushna III. Last night, a tragic event had occurred. My father learned that traitors to the throne planned on killing our leader and he tried to save him but was to late. He reached the Imperial Mansion to late and witnessed the fiery wreak that the traitors left behind. As he left, hoping to reach General Olm in hopes of finding these traitors, he was shot by one and left for dead on the stoop of our great leader's home.”
“Citizens of Ironhull. I come to you as a leader for Ironhull after these tragic events. My men have already tracked down the fiends that slayed our nation's leaders. That is my gift to the people, MY people. I bring you the satisfaction of knowing that these fiends are dead, and that they too have suffered as we suffered. Citizens of Ironhull, all I ask in return is your loyalty as I rule. For the glory of Ironhull!” With that he raised his fist into the air and the crowd began cheering in an uproar. Wilhelm had swayed the people to his liking. There would be little to stop him now.
[SIC]The cart slowed to a halt. They were deep inside a forest, away from prying eyes. The two Dominion Intelligence Agents jumped down and grabbed their prisoners and set them on their knees. The tall one grabbed pieces of fabric and gagged them all, slowly they regained consciousness.They were scared, confused and a few were crying. The average sized man pulled out a flintlock pistol and aimed it into the sky. He had brown hair poking out from under his hat and the Ironhull eagle symbol above three stars, all in gold, pinned onto the shoulders of his coat. “You are being charged as traitors to the crown and conspiring to overthrow the Dominion of Ironhull. The only sentence is death.” The giant man grabbed the pistol and walked to the end of the line. The Brown Haired Man pulled out a sheet of papers and began to read aloud. Gunter Reimpell, there was a shot from the pistol and the man reloaded. Adalber Bendert, another shot. Helene Lemelsen, Ellie Muller, Max Schaar and Liese Busse. All were shot. All were innocent servants with no crimes. Helene Lamelsen even delivered Pylonus' letter to Durn Grushna. The two men loaded the bodies back into the cart and rode further into the woods until they came across a large clearing. In the middle was a pit, filled with the corpses of other members of Durn's staff. Situated around the pit were more men in trench coats and hats, each wearing the Ironhull eagle above a single star on their shoulders. Some were drinking coffee, others beginning to sprinkle dirt over the mass of bodies in the hole.
As the two men rode up in the cart, the others began to salute the Brown Haired Man. They pulled up near the hole and they hoped out, the Brown Haired Man walked up to a table set up at the edge of the clearing, behind him the others were removing the bodies and throwing them into the mass grave. One man at the table, wearing two stars, saluted the man and spoke with him.
“ Chief Director Richter, we have rounded up all members of Durn Grushna's and the council member's staff. All evidence has been erased. What are our next orders?”
“Douse the bodies in oil, let them burn and then bury the evidence.”
“Yes Sir.” The man walked off while Richter lit a cigarette. The other agents were rushing for oil cans and within five minutes the bodies were soaked. Richter walked to the edge and threw his cigarette in, setting the bodies ablaze. He whistled and the brute lurched over to him. They hoped into their cart and rode off, back toward civilization.
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