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Player Registration Form

on Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:14 am
Alright here is the registration form. You can have two characters one from the human world and another for the Soul Society. Depending on the game play I might consider more characters.

[b]Character Name:[/b]




[b]Power / Zanpakutō:[/b]



Character Name - What do you want to name your character? Just make it as reasonable as possible since I doubt a person would have the name of Door Knob Licker.

Race - When I mean by race I mean are you a human or a soul reaper? If you do not know what to pick just click here.

Age - How old is your character (If you are picking a soul reaper just make it age of appearance. I get confused on how a 100 year old can look as if its 15)

Gender - Male or female? Please don't put down unisex or Yes Please!

Power / Zanpakutō - Alright what is your power? If you are a human just list what he or she can do. If you are a soul reaper whats your Zanpakutō's name? Whats its Shikai mode look like and what can it do? If you have a Bankai mode what does it look like or what can it do. If you don't understand click here and this info will help you.

Appearance - What does your character look like? Basically describe of what he looks like as if you are telling a friend or making a police report. Just make sure its reasonable since this is a game about humans and not magical elves.

History - What’s the story on the character? What is their past consist of? Make a story of the character as if you are writing a book or a script for a movie.

Just make a topic in The Players section to register
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