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Luchiaros Inc. Map Makers. Empty Luchiaros Inc. Map Makers.

Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:45 am
Welcome! Welcome! Enter into this fine establishment and look around, feel free to browse my wares or place an order. I have been making maps for a while now but only recently have I decided to make them for others, the cost is an arm and a leg per map (not really, I make my maps for free). I have different styles of maps you can choose from, once you place your order I'll set to work as soon as I can unless I have some questions for you.

We are always hiring to feel free to sign up and join this grand Map Making company. Cartographers will make the maps that are ordered, Surveyors will take orders/ gather more information on the requested maps and Designers will create new map styles.

Owner: Luchiaros
Cartographers: N/A
Surveyors: N/A
Designers: N/A

Here are the current map styles you can order:

Style 1:
Luchiaros Inc. Map Makers. DarkestNightMap
Style 2:
Luchiaros Inc. Map Makers. DarknessRisingMap

Order Form:

[b]Map Style:[/b]

[b]Name of the Map:[/b]

[b]Number of Continents:[/b]

[b]Map Climate:[/b]

[b]Map Details:[/b]

[b]Other Information:[/b]

Map Style: There are only two right now, look above.

Name of the Map: What you want the map to be called.

Number of Continents: If there are more then one then specify the number you want.

Map Climate: Hot and dry? Cold? Wet? Volcanic? Desert? Jungle? This is up to you.

Map Details: Number of rivers, lakes, cities, towns, mountain ranges etc. etc. Give us as much info as possible please.

Other Information: Anything else we might need to know.
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