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Shadows on the Moon Empty Shadows on the Moon

Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:18 am
World of Terror: Book One.

Shadows on the Moon


In the year 2029 Time Travel was invented and each nation began to fear that in the wrong hands it could be used to bring about their destruction, it was decided to create the United National Linear Strike Force or UNLSF to stop time travelers with the intent to change history. Those that were chosen to be part of the UNLSF were taken from the smartest and most intelligent people in the world and brought to a secret laboratory where special tests were preformed to make the members of the UNLSF to be more then your average human in every way, many died from these tests but those that survived were the best of the best and they were trained and dispatched. Now in the year 2113 the UNLSF has preformed many missions and kept history mostly the same.


Present day, 2113, New London, Luna.

200 people stood as the man approached the podium, the man had black hair pulled back into a ponytail and a scar on his left cheek and green eyes, his suit was perfect and next to him stood an image of beauty, her golden blonde hair fell past her waist and her sea blue eyes sparkled in the light, an elegant red gown covered her slender body and gave of a glow that illuminated her face. The man, Shawn Crispin IV cleared his throat

''Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure you all know why your here,'' He said to the people that stood before him ''Your here to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of me and my lovely wife Emma, it's been a good fifteen years and this year is very special for me, the reason is because Emma was fifteen when I met here, and that day I looked into her eyes and I knew that I loved her, now I'd like to welcome you all and thank you for coming tonight, now, let's party!''


500 hundred years ago, 1613 London, England.

Gunfire rang out through the streets, three men wearing black body armor crouched behind barrels and every now and then they took a peek at the five others down the alley

''Think you hit one Sarge?'' one of them asked

''I know I hit one Ensign, this is how it's done kid.'' the Sargent replied

The three men were UNLSF agents, sent back to stop time terrorists from changing history

''How many shots you got Lt?'' Sargent Third Class William Baker asked

''Five.'' Lieutenant Second Class Arron Tego replied

''That gonna be enough?'' Baker asked over machine gun fire from the terrorists

''Yeah kid, one day you'll learn that it takes one good shot to kill a man.''

Jumping from his cover Tego fired his five shots, each one fired in rapid succession and each one killed a man, then Tego pulled out his knife and cut five notches into his Wunder 1k .45's handle, one for each kill.

''Every time you do that it scares me Lt,'' Ensign Amelia Hutchinson said ''Makes me wonder if time travel is healthy for ones mind.''

''It's fine Ensign, now let's move this guys out of here before we get found.''

Before they could move gunfire rang out and three more lives were claimed that day.
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Shadows on the Moon Empty Re: Shadows on the Moon

Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:32 am
ohhh interesting... more soon yes?
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Shadows on the Moon Empty Re: Shadows on the Moon

Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:41 am
This reminds me of the book "Timeline," so I am slightly interested!
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Shadows on the Moon Empty Re: Shadows on the Moon

Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:05 am
No I am not!

Oh, sorry.
I thought there was an apostrophe there. :s

Anyway, nice story. I like the plotline.
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Shadows on the Moon Empty Re: Shadows on the Moon

Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:11 pm
Present day, 2113, English Countryside

8 hours later the shuttle landed on Earth, Shawn and Emma departed and made their way to their estate. As the hover craft sped towards the entrance to the mansion Shawn looked out the window at the grounds. beautiful gardens were scattered here and there with fountains in the center of each, hedges ran along the edge of the paths and vines grew on the side of the house. To own something like this in 2113 was rare but when you have over 5 trillion credits you can afford it. Shawn was the owner of the biggest shipyard company on Earth and this made him a busy man, he considered himself lucky to have been able to find the time to spend the night with his wife

''You alright Shawn?'' Emma asked ''You look kind of tired, maybe you should get some sleep.''

True enough Shawn was tired, but why shouldn't he be? It was 3:00 in the morning and he had been up since 7:00 AM

''Nah, I'm good, and anyways, it's been sometime since we've had some time to ourselves,'' He replied ''Don't want to waste the few hours we have left.''

''I guess your right.'' Emma said as she kissed him.


It was 6:00 when Shawn awoke, but instead of Shawn Crispin IV he was Captain First Class Shawn Crispin. A buzzing sound in his head was what had woken him up, and there it was again. Touching his right forehead he began to speak

''Captain Crispin here, what is it now Standish?''

''Captain, enjoyed your night with Emma?'' Colonel First Class Harry Standish asked

''Yes, now cut to the chase, what's going on?'' Shawn asked irritated

''Well Captain, I'll put it simply for you, we've lost all contact with Lieutenant Second Class Arron Tego, he was sent to the year 1613 to stop some TT's (Time Terrorists) and we need an agent to find what the fuck happened,'' Standish said ''You know Arron, he never drops off the grid and this can't be good, haul ass to HQ and gear up because your going back to 1613.''

''If I'm going then who's taking care of Emma?''

''Come Shawn, we both know she's going with you whether you want her to or not.''

''Hey Standish, so what year is it this time?'' Emma said in a tired voice

''Good morning Master Chief, we've got problems in 1613 so let's get a move on it, Standish out.'' Standish said

Looking at Emma Shawn shrugged ''See you when I get back?''

''You ain't leaving without a kiss.'' Emma said and pulled Shawn closer to her and kissed him ''And you sure as hel ain't going anywhere without me.''

Kissing him again she climbed out of bed and open the closet, pushing aside her gowns she reached back and flipped a switch which opened up her UNLSF armory. Looking around she chose what she needed and then got dressed. Across the room Shawn was doing the same, it took them an hour to get ready. They had entered the mansion as Shawn and Emma Crispin, now they left as completely different people. The hovercraft carried the Crispin's to UNLSF London HQ in record time.


500 years ago, 1613, London England.

Three men wearing black garb sat around a table, the leader, a man named Khal was talking

''… UNLSF will be here soon, Tego was one their best men and he hasn't reported in yet,'' he said ''What the frak were you thinking when you killed them?''

''I was doing my fucking job!'' the man he was talking to shouted

''Well fuck you and your job!'' Khal shouted back

Khal then pulled out his gun and shot the man in the face

''There's one thing you cn't do in the past, and you know what that is?'' he said to the remaining man

''N... nn... no...'' the man said staring at the gun in fear

''You can't fuck up!'' Khal shouted and killed the third man ''Because then UNLSF comes and hauls your ass back to the present and shoves you in prison.''

The door flew open and in stepped two UNLSF agents

''Oh fuck.'' were Khal's last words and he shot himself
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Shadows on the Moon Empty Re: Shadows on the Moon

Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:00 pm
Hmm, very interesting I like it Smile
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Shadows on the Moon Empty Re: Shadows on the Moon

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