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Code of Conduct Empty Code of Conduct

Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:02 pm
These are the rules and guidelines everyone is expected to follow. Staff are expected to enforce these, as well as provide a positive role model for the realization of these goals. If any rules are unclear, or you disagree with their application, you may post a topic in the site suggestions forum or send a PM to Bleach or Redcoat to resolve the issue.

1. No member of this board should feel belittled or insulted by Staff or other members; this extends to the simple exchange of respect between our users, as well as a special mention for discrimination: we are all equal as human beings regardless of experience, status or our personal attributes (such as colour, nationality, sexual orientation, or class). We should maintain a strong community feel.

2. Any and all members should be encouraged and aided in their pursuits by their peers. Elitism is a social ill and will not be encouraged or tolerated; those who have made a mistake should be informed of it and taught to improve. This especially applies to the inexperienced.

3. In keeping with the above policy, no member should feel as though they cannot approach staff with any concern. We are placed here to help you and do our jobs, and this requires that Staff remain approachable and helpful. If you feel that a staff member has abused their power, you are urged to contact Bleach or Redcoat immediately by any channel available.

4. All complaints and issues are to be dealt with in a calm, logical and respectful manner by staff and members, depending on the case at hand. Insults aren't an acceptable method of problem-solving; instead, discuss matters with a level and clear head.

5. The Society's operations are to be maintained tidily and smoothly. This means that:
  • Spamming forums isn't allowed.
  • PM advertising is prohibited.
  • Signatures should remain under a certain length. Remember that [spoiler] tags can hide information you may want to include, which is perfectly acceptable.
  • Signatures and avatars should remain non-offensive and tasteful. Note that free speech does to an extent apply.
  • You shouldn't do things that are annoying! Razz
6. We require that illegal, quasi-illegal, damaging or distasteful material not be posted, along with the avoidance of pointless spam. In addition, we must uphold our TOS as a condition of our hosting, and US law as we are hosted in the United States. Any materials of such aforementioned natures will be destroyed with extreme prejudice. Note that materials illegal in other countries may also be removed on a case-by-case basis.

7. Despite the above, this is a privately owned board. Our word here is law. We will, however, try to be reasonable.

These rules written by Redcoat. Feel free to use the text of them for your site with his permission. You may use them as inspiration without credit.
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