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Hosting Requirements Empty Hosting Requirements

Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:10 pm
Hosting Requirements

To be able to host here on LS, you should:

1) Have a post count of at least 20 posts.

2) You must never have been banned from here, or gotten a warning by mod or admin due to any infringement of the forum law.

3) You must have the ability to make a game that is detailed and in depth.


For those of you who are able and willing to host an RP here, just follow these steps.

1) Register your idea for an RP in the proper format (See below).

2) You must get at least four members of the community to join your game, for it to be hosted.

3) Once accepted, you will be given your own forums with which to utilize for your game. You must contact myself or another staff member to pin topics and perform other housekeeping duties.


Below will be a form that you must fill out in the hosting depot. It will be viewed by the members and the staff. Once all of the above requirements are met, you will be given a sub-forum and you may start your game whenever you see fit. ATTENTION: After a period of a month, if the game is not relatively active, the game will be shut down.


[b]Game Name:[/b]

[b]Overview / Plot:[/b]

[b]Major Details on the game layout:[/b]


Game Name: What is the name your your RP?

Overview / Plot: What is the story behind the game? What is happening?

Major Details...: What are the mechanics of the game? How will it play out? Is it free-form or linear?

Support: List the members, including you, who will play this game.


Anyone who wishes to show support for a game can post in their registration thread. To legitimately support a game, you must sincerely plan to become a player in it.

~Bleach and the LS Staff
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