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Strangers in the Dark Empty Strangers in the Dark

Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:14 pm
A mysterious figure stood in a doorway. Rain bombed from the sky as every once in a while people would run across the street. The man had his hands jammed in his pockets as he puffed from his cigar. He has a giant overcoat on, with a billfold cap on his head. Then, a man walked by. He stared at the mysterious man and mouthed the words, “Now.” The man in the corner briskly strutted across the street careful of not being seen.

The man would take back alleys, careful of keeping his eyes on the other man. Finally, the man came to a dead end. There was only one door he could go through. The man then lifted up his leg and busted down the door. The lights were on but nobody was home. The man rushed to the front door, and padlocked it. Then he moved to the window and peered through the blinds. He could see the other man walking to a lit up drug store, every once in a while looking around his surroundings.

Then, the man turned around, and ran straight up the stairs to the bathroom. He put a mirror up to the window while the blinds were cracked his gaze was on the mysterious man. He thought to himself that the mysterious man looked familiar. He stripped from his clothes, and filled the sink with warm water. He dunked his head in the water and brought it back up.

“Josef, relax, get hold of yourself.” Said Josef to himself. “This what you came to America for, to strike rich with Mafia.” Commented Josef to himself in his Russian accent.
Then, Josef put his clothes on and rushed out the door. The drug store was an abundant heaven of lights. As Josef ventured closer someone grabbed his jacket, and yanked him inside of an alley.

“What took you so long, man?” questioned the mysterious man.

“Who are you?” asked Josef.

“It’s Raymond, remember, from high school?”

“Ah yes, Raymond, we had many classes together, but what are you doing in New York City?” questioned Josef.

“I took the first boat I could once I dropped out of high school, and now believe it or not, our paths meet in the Mafia.” Raymond said surprisingly.

“Well, now since you are the new one in the group, I shall show you how it is done here.”
Josef and Raymond then ran through a steam grate to another side of the back alley.
“I shall keep watch while you do the job.” Said Raymond to Josef.
The two then busted off into the general direction of the Drug store. As they turned a corner, Raymond pulled out two pistols and threw one of them to Josef. Raymond then got into the clerk’s blind spot at the front, and gave Josef the sign to advance. Josef ran in through the doors and ducked under cover behind display items. Josef went around an alternate way to the clerk’s booth. The clerk was looking at an old magazine while smoking a cigarette.

Without knowing it the clerk started to speak to Josef, as if he was a valuable customer. Josef then pointed the pistol at the clerk.
“Empty the cash register and you don’t get hurt.” Screamed Josef.
“Please whatever you do don’t shoot.” Yelled the clerk, at the top of his voice.
As the clerk ducked down to the ground Josef heard footsteps and a gun being cocked behind him.
“Wrong move Josef, wrong move.”

Josef then turned around and saw Raymond pointing his gun at him.
“This drug store is owned by the Don.” Said Raymond somewhat calmly. “This was a set-up to see if you would be qualified for the Mafia, but you failed.”
“Raymond buddy, you wouldn’t shoot a trusted friend like me, would y…”

The sound of three shots erupted through the store. Josef was falling to the ground, limp. Those were the last words that ever left the mouth of Josef Carmone, the trusted factory worker from Moscow, Russia. But no, those words were from Josef, the gangbanger trying to make it rich in the “new” land.
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