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Iambic Pentameter for the win Empty Iambic Pentameter for the win

Wed Dec 02, 2009 5:16 pm
The foulest smell assaulted everyone,
They worked from day to night till they were done,
When the task concluded the search began,
Today we sing their tale again and again.

It started with a favor asked by they,
Whose task was great for little pay,
The volunteers helped without cause or fuss,
They worked that way, all day from dawn to dusk.

Four hours upon hours working there,
Volunteers gave home towards a bright fare,
A day of gaiety they hoped to bring,
By the time they had finished, found a ring.

The hours flew by as they cleaned up stairs,
Laughter filled the air talking about dares,
The volunteers became good friends that day,
Working together for little to no pay.

Such an accomplishment refuses death,
A story told throughout time thanks to breath,
So listen well it is time truth be told,
And I must this tale, begin before I grow old.

The tale from Quakertown involves us three,
One scared, one loud, one observer you see,
The janitors asked us to help them clean,
However we did not expect some so mean.

We set out apart from the group to work,
And stumbled upon some very moldy pork,
Which broke away emitting a foul odor,
Smelling like something from a car motor.

We entered the room with caution and glee,
One scared, one loud, one observer, us three,
And walked and walked with little to no light,
It surprises me how we did not fight.

Our task began in the middle of the day,
We worked very hard while others chose to play,
By the time we finished, the sun had set,
Another surprise we'd found a croquet.

Set, and get ready to go find a way out,
I turned around to face the scared one's pout,
Again we stumbled upon a new door,
What we found frightened us to the very core.

A maze of cobwebs twisted round,
Disgusted we made still no sound,
Only to hear but a tap, tap, tap
Lost were we and without a map.

The loud one grew quiet, Scared turned brave,
I was the first to offer a save,
Panic set in, and ignored I was,
They nearly missed bumping into some fuzz.

When I pointed this fact out to them,
I barely missed a flying pen,
Giving up with a huff I sat,
And watched them both have quiet a spat.

To say they were at it for hours,
Would be like reading Two Towers,
Eventually I'd thought they'd breathe,
I hid my laughter in my sleeve.

Amused by their rambunctious fight,
I neglected to hit the light,
Had I done so, our journey would end,
But they needed friendship to mend.

So on it went, a fight to last,
While I sat thinking on a cast,
I knew where we were, they did not,
That made for an interesting plot.

Grinning just like a Cheshire cat,
The fight broke up thanks to a bat,
Finally it was time to leave,
A web I moved my hand to cleave.

My palm met with a bit of metal,
A piece of gold shaped like a petal,
The ring gleamed softly in my sight,
How it would have shone in the light.

I pocketed the ring and rose,
I kept them moving on their toes,
We made no time to stop and wait,
All of us having the same gait.

And so we arrived near the clock,
The brave one slipping on a sock,
Where it came from, I don't quite know,
It was a great way to end the show.
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