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Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning Empty Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning

Sun Nov 15, 2009 3:16 am
Chapter 1

The Cossack Trouble

Unknown Livonian Forest

September 10, 1700


Czeslaw Krawiec sat up, and looked at what was happening in the field. Czeslaw looked to the back, saw that his fellow Soldiers were also looking out for enemies in the field. They were all inside the Forest, and they were to go looking for Swedish Soldiers. Their Officer was dead, that meant that they could do whatever they want.

"Hey, look, I see some troops there! But it doesn't look like they are Swedish." piped up Stanislaw, Czeslaw's best friend. The fact is that they all are Volunteers for the Polish Lithuanian Army. They have to wear a bright red uniform, and so they could not mix in with the environment well. They also had to wear Red pants, something that the soldiers joked about. Red stockings were also included in the package.

"They do not seem like they are Swedish or Russian at all." Czeslaw looked at those horsemen who were standing out in the field. The Russians wore Green, and the Swedish wore Blue, but these men wore civilian clothes.

"They are probably those Cossacks. I have heard about them. Riders from the steppes, and they are supporters of the Russians I bet, I do not know who they support." chimed in Jacek, the smartest but not the toughest Soldier in the group.

Suddenly, Czeslaw saw that the Cossacks were dragging people. They were dragging Swedish Soldiers. The Cossack horsemen then dropped them in a pile, raised their flintlock muskets, and fired at the Swedish. They gave screams, and then the Swedish troops were all dead.

"Hey, do you think that we should come up to the Cossacks and tell them that our Officer is dead, and we do not know what else we should do?" said Jacek. Czeslaw immediately decided to say no to the Question.

"And what if they do not support the Russians and the Polish? We could be killed." Czeslaw said those words clearly, he did not want anyone to die.

"If they shoot at the Swedish, they would not shoot at us." said Stanislaw, and he stood up.

"No!" Czeslaw gasped when saying the word. Stanislaw could get killed. Stanislaw did not listen to his words, and ran up to the Cossacks. They saw him trying to speak with who seemed to be the leader, but the leader just raised his Flintlock Pistol, and fired. Stanislaw fell down to the ground dead, and Jacek gave a large scream that all the Cossacks turned to the Polish troops. Only 17 of them were left, Stanislaw was the 18th man, and Czeslaw's best friend.

They all stood up and ran from the Cossacks, who picked up Szablas, and then charged towards them. Jozef, the oldest man, was shot in the chest by a Cossack, and Kamil, another Soldier, was stabbed in the neck. They still ran, and after a few Minutes, they all turned around and got out their Socket Bayonets. The Group aimed their Muskets, and fired. A Few Cossack warriors were hit by their hail of bullets. but they still charged on. The Polish troops attached their Bayonets to their Muskets, and then charged back, and they started to try to stab their Horses. Czeslaw stabbed a Cossack in the hip, and he fell off from his horse, and the horse immediately trotted off the scene.

The Cossacks then ran back to the fields, seeing it was no use to try to kill them. Czeslaw and the rest of the group had all sat down, with their chests heaving. They took the civilian clothes that the Cossacks wore, and they decided to keep them.

"We have to become Deserters now, I cannot stand facing more Swedish or Russian troops alike. It seems that now Russia is against us." said Jacek.

"That's a load of Junk you are saying. Those weren't Russia's troops at all, I guess. They were maybe irregulars?" Czeslaw asked, looking around the group. They all nodded their heads, except for 2, one of them including Jacek.

"We still have to desert our posts. We got to change into those Clothes, we got to look more like Civilians now, so no one can notice us as Deserters." Jacek's voice was angry now.

"That, I have to agree with." Czeslaw said this in a guilty tone. What if People found out we were Deserters, he thought. They would have to be shot by a Polish Firing Squad.

"Let's escape to Courland. We came here from Lithuania, we will exit from here and on to Jelgava. Riga is a mess, a Haven for the Swedish, we should avoid going there." chimed in Konrad, and they all nodded their heads.

Of the original 18, only 12 remained. The troops all begin redressing in Civilian Clothes. Czeslaw looked around to make sure no one was looking, and then he hastily stuffed his Infantry Equipment into his pack. He thought it would be needed in a later time.

And thus, they set off to Jelgava, walking gloomily, but also knowing more obstacles could appear in their Journey.

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Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning Empty Re: Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning

Sun Nov 15, 2009 3:18 am
Chapter 2

Facing Swedish Interruptions

7 miles off of Riga, Swedish Livonia

September 13, 1700


The Polish deserters walked off gloomily to Jelgava, Courland. 3 days have passed. Czeslaw Krawiec looked into his bag for food, and only found 4 Kielbasas. He checked his Canteen, and there was only a small bit of Water left.

“We are running out of our Supplies. We got to get to Jelgava quick!” swiftly said Czeslaw. He was tired, and hungry as well, so he grabbed one Kielbasa, and bit it. The taste of the food made him feel good, as though he was refueled.

“We are not so far from a Great River. We might have to cross it to get to Jelgava.” said Kamil. He too, sounded as though he was tired.

“We could also get some water for our Canteens when we reach that River.” piped up Adalbert, the youngest soldier in the group.

Just then, they saw men dressed in blue. The Swedish Soldiers were there. They were sitting on barrels, and it looked as though they were talking about random things. Czeslaw could guess that they were talking about the weather.

“But those look like the Elite Caroleans!” gasped Kamil. It looked as though as he was scared, and Czeslaw could not blame him. He too, was frightened by the looks of those buff and strong Swedish troops.

“We got to get past them.” said Adalbert, his voice getting menacing.

“But how? They might let us cross. What shall our identities be?” asked Czeslaw.

“We could say that we are Mercenaries called out to get to Jelgava. Then, they would let us through.” said Kamil clearly. The rest of the group nodded, agreeing to his plan.

The Polish deserters walked up to the Swedish Caroleans bravely. One Swedish Carolean, who looked like the Officer looked at their Civilian clothes, and nodded.

“You are Local Swedish militia?” he asked Kamil, who he thought was the leader.

“Uh, well it is just that, um …” stuttered Kamil, and his face blushed. The Swedish Carolean took that as a yes.

“Alright, since you all are Swedish Militia, you will report to Riga immediately. That is an order, understand?” The Carolean’s voice was stern. When he turned around and walked off, the deserters groaned.

“Ok, let’s fix our bayonets now. Just in case they charge at us, or we charge at them.” Kamil’s voice was steady now. Czeslaw took out his bayonet. There was still blood on it, from the time he stabbed a Cossack in the hip. Czeslaw grabbed a towel, and wiped the blood off with it. Czeslaw finally fixed the Bayonet on his Musket, and he was ready to fire. Czeslaw aimed his musket at a Carolean, who was sipping on his Canteen.

“Alright, let’s fire! QUICKLY!” shouted Adalbert. Czeslaw fired his musket on command, and the Carolean fell down, with blood oozing out of his leg. He was groaning, until Adalbert shot him in the chest.

The Swedish hastily lined up, aimed their muskets when they were ordered to by the Swedish Officer, and then fired. 2 men from the group died, and the Swedish then charged, and Czeslaw and the group charged back. Czeslaw got hold of his Musket, and then stabbed a Carolean in the stomach. The Carolean squirmed, and when Czeslaw pulled back the Musket, the Carolean fell down dead.

After a few minutes, the Swedish retreated. Out of the 12 deserters, only 10 survived. This time the group cheered at their victory.

“The Swedish Caroleans are considered Elites, and we still won!” exclaimed Kamil. Just then he fell down, with a musket ball in his head. The deserters immediately took cover behind rocks and trees. Only 9 men remain alive now.
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Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning Empty Re: Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning

Sun Nov 15, 2009 3:19 am
Chapter 3

Of Hunters and Prey

Right on the Courlandish-Livonian border

September 14, 1700


Yesterday, Kamil was shot unexpectedly. None of the deserters knew who shot him. They immediately ran away from the scene. Someone was definitely after them. They were already at the border, and were congratulating what happened until Gunshots were fired, and they saw 10 Villagers firing at them.

Immediately, Czeslaw took cover behind a tree. He had sat down, and got to business. He picked up a Paper Cartridge from his small cartridge container. He held his Musket with his right hand, and had the cartridge in his left hand. He set the Musket hammer to half lock mode. He then bit the cartridge to make a hole there, and fresh Gunpowder trickled out. He then took out the Musket ball and kept it in his mouth, not swallowing it. He poured a bit of gunpowder down the flash pan of the musket.

Czeslaw then closed the frizzen. The rest of the powder he poured into the barrel of the musket. He spat out his musket ball and stuck it down the barrel as well. He then stuffed the cartridge down as well, and got all of them down to the breech of the musket, thanks to his ramrod. He took his ramrod back where it belonged, and then set the musket to full lock mode.

Czeslaw was now ready to fire his musket. He felt determined to get to Courland, and these bastards won’t stop him.

“Czeslaw, shoot one of them! Come on!” shouted Adalbert, his voice shrieking. Czeslaw aimed his Musket at a Villager, and then fired. There was smoke in the air, and the villager fell down with a musket ball in his head. Another villager aimed his flintlock pistol at Czeslaw, and Czeslaw immediately ducked.

The musket ball hit the tree Czeslaw was cowering behind. The villagers got too close, and were now charging with knives. The Deserters then aimed their muskets, and fired, killing some villagers. Czeslaw stood up and hit a man with the butt of his musket.

But that did not stop the man. He started strangling Czeslaw, while cackling.

“No, stop, just stop …” murmured Czeslaw, who was dying, and did not have enough strength to yell.

Adalbert then saw what was happening, and stabbed the villager in the back with his bayoneted musket. The man let go of Czeslaw, and fell down bleeding to death.

“Are you alright Czeslaw?” Adalbert shrieked. Czeslaw sat up, gasping and breathing hard. Adalbert had extended his hand, and Czeslaw took it, standing up.

“Yes, you did real good, Adalbert, I thought I was going to die.” said Czeslaw, regaining strength.

“Let’s drive these animals back, shall we?” Adalbert was now grinning. Czeslaw grinned back.

Adalbert and Czeslaw charged and started fighting with a villager. The man was surprised to have 2 people against him, and tried to stab Adalbert with his knife. He hit Adalbert in the hand, and Adalbert yelled. Czeslaw grabbed his musket and strangled the man with it.

Adalbert then stabbed the man, and he had died.

Only two Villagers were left alive now.

“NO! NO! Do not kill us!” a villager begged.

“Your lives are worthless now. Why did you attack us?” demanded Czeslaw.

“We saw you murder the Caroleans! They were the defenders of our village!” cried the villager.

“Alright, fine, how can you help us get to Jelgava, Courland?” asked Adalbert. His voice was very demanding, and the villager shook.

“We have a wagon, for transporting corn. You can get on it, and we will drive off to Jelgava for you. Just promise not to kill us!” pleaded the villager. The second villager was crying.

“We won’t. Just, get us to Jelgava.” said Czeslaw. Czeslaw really wanted to escape Livonia now. The two villagers nodded, and then ran off.

“Damn it! Damn them! They left us!” yelled Adalbert.

But in a few minutes, the two villagers were sitting in the wagon, steering the horses with their ropes, towards the Poles.

“Get on!” shouted the first villager, and the wagon stopped.

Czeslaw smiled, and then he hopped on, along with the rest of the men.
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Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning Empty Re: Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning

Sun Nov 15, 2009 3:23 am
Chapter 4

Starting New Lives

Jelgava, Courland

September 17, 1700


Czeslaw and the other deserters finally reached Courland. When entering the city of Jelgava, they were amazed at what they saw. Elegant houses were all around the city, and the villagers had given their farewell, and went back to Swedish Livonia.

“See, our hard work pays off.” said Adalbert. Czeslaw nodded, and then looked at the buildings.

Czeslaw and the rest of the deserters then looked around for anyone willing to shelter them in their own house. A man showed up, and he let them go inside his house.

“Greetings, you can sit in the chairs, I’m sure you are exhausted.” smiled the man. The Deserters sat down in the chairs, and they all breathed heavily, glad that they were finally resting properly.

“What do those barrels contain?” asked Czeslaw. He was curious, and he was thirsty.

“Oh, the first barrel contains Ale, the second barrel contains Russian Kvass, and the third one contains Ukrainian Kombucha.” explained the man.

“Oh, I’d love some Ale. Adalbert, what about you?” asked Czeslaw, curious at what Adalbert would pick to drink.

“Kombucha for me, please.” said Adalbert. He was now grinning.

“My name is Andrejs, by the way.” said the man. “What are yours?”

“My name is Czeslaw. We are … err … hunters of Poland. We hunt animals for food.” lied Czeslaw. He knew he would be reported if he said that he was a Soldier.

After the group introduced themselves, Andrejs was very interested in them.

“Is that why you carry Muskets? Because you were recently hunting?” his voice lost its dreamy quality now.

“Yes, this is why we carry muskets.” said Adalbert, lies in his voice as well.

“Oh, there are ten murderers here armed with muskets, and I thought you all were a part of their little rebellious group.” Andrejs voice was now calm again.

“Ten Murderers?” asked Adalbert.

“Oh yes. Well, they consider themselves rebels, but at night they walk out and steal the Food stores. Their first crime was stealing muskets and ammo from Mr. Jazeps Gun store.” said Adrejs, in a matter-of-fact voice.

“Hm, that is not good at all.” said Czeslaw. “Do the Soldier of Courland know about this?”

“Well, I am sure they do, and they say they are looking for the murderers. Best that they sort out the problem. Well, I think that you all could sleep on the floor, or even on your chairs for tonight.” replied Andrejs.

During Nighttime, the men were all undressing, and were going to sleep. Czeslaw looked out the window.

“Is anything wrong?” asked Adalbert, but Czeslaw shook his head.

“We all thought it would be perfect here, but these murderers are probably hiring mercenaries or something.” said Czeslaw. But then, Czeslaw knew he was being ridiculous. Mercenaries align themselves to armies, not rebels.

“Of course, I think that the Courland’s soldiers can stop this easily.” said Adalbert. “Czeslaw, you can’t expect ten people to take over a whole city.”

“Yes, you are right.” replied Czeslaw, sipping on his Ale. It felt good now, because he was not drinking water from his canteen anymore.

“Besides, it will brighten up for us, I promise.” Adalbert clapped Czeslaw hard on the shoulder. Czeslaw just shrugged, and then in a few minutes, fell asleep in his chair.
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Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning Empty Re: Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning

Sun Nov 15, 2009 3:24 am
Chapter 5

Unexpected Troubles

Jelgava, Courland

September 20, 1700


A loud bang, and smoke was erupting from a musket. The musket ball traveled on and on until it’s journey ended in the head of a Courlandish Soldier. There were forty of the bandits, and only 20 Courlandish Soldiers, along with the help of the 9 Polish Deserters.

“Agh! I’m hit, I’m hit!” yelled a Polish deserter by the name of Ibhrem. Czeslaw went to assist him, and Adalbert helped Ibhrem too.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. You’ll be fine!” said Czeslaw, now crouching to avoid being hit.

“Czeslaw, you get those bastards, you get them.” said Ibhrem, still bleeding. Adalbert had tore a small part of his shirt, and laid it on Ibhrem’s knee to stop the bleeding.

“God damn it, how were there only 10 bandits, and now after three days, 40?” asked Czeslaw. Czeslaw then popped his head out of cover, and aimed his musket at a bandit, who was laughing sadistically.

He fired, and he soon fell, the smile disappearing from the bandit’s face.

But just then, the bandits got out their knives and swords, and charged at their enemies. Czeslaw and the rest of the deserters attached their Bayonets to their Muskets, and the fight was on.

Czeslaw immediately parried a strike from a Bandit. He then got angry, and started flailing his sword wildly. Czeslaw saw the chance, and seized it, stabbing the bandit right in the stomach with his Bayoneted Musket.

Adalbert got to his feet from helping Ibhrem, and then aimed his Musket, shooting a bandit that was charging straight toward him.

A bandit, with a hungry look in his eye, saw Ibhrem on the ground. He then charged at him.

Meanwhile, Czeslaw saw the look in the bandit’s eye, and something caught his eye. There was a Flintlock Pistol on the ground. He dived for it, picked it up.

“Ibhrem, catch!” he yelled, and he threw the Flintlock Pistol to Ibhrem. Ibhrem then fired it, but no shot rang.

“Ibhrem, no!” yelled Czeslaw, and he watched as the bandit stabbed Ibhrem repeatedly. Enraged, Czeslaw charged toward the bandit, and hit him with the butt of his Musket. The bandit fell down, and Czeslaw stabbed him in the neck. There was no hope, Ibhrem was already dead.

The Polish deserters saw what happened, and fought their best, but it was no use. The bandits were winning.

Out of nowhere, came new combatants. The Local Mob, led by Andrejs ran at the bandits with Pitchforks and Knives. Andrejs then cleaned his Musket which was to be used for Defence of the house, and fired, killing a bandit and felling him.

The Morale of the Courlandish soldiers and the Polish deserters lifted immediately. They started fighting with new pride, and the bandits eventually saw it was no use to try to take over Jelgava.

They started to flee, but the leader of the bandits turned around and started yelling abuse to his opponents. The Officer of the Courlandish soldiers aimed his Flintlock Pistol for five seconds, and then fired. The leader of the bandits fell down into the ground.

Later, in the Evening, Czeslaw decided it was no use to wallow around in Jelgava.

“Adalbert, I plan to leave Courland.” he said.

“But Czeslaw, why?” asked Adalbert, his voice growing with concern.

“We thought this land would be safe. Apparently, we aren’t safe here. And look at us, we started out with 18 men, and now only have 8 left.”

“Are you sure you want to leave?”


“Where do you plan to go?”

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Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning Empty Re: Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning

Sun Nov 15, 2009 11:17 am
Dude, you need to continue this story!! It is quite good.
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Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning Empty Re: Czeslaw Krawiec's Beginning

Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:48 am
Chapter 6

Preussen Gloria

Outskirts of East Prussia

September 22, 1700


As Czeslaw planned to leave Andrejs planned something for him. An excuse to enter Prussia with.

"There are some remaining Bandits in the border, using a Mill for their headquarters, they've taken it from us and we will give you something." he motioned for Czeslaw to come into his Room, and Czeslaw was given a Musket, a Hand Mortar, and 3 Grenades.

"I can not accept this." said Czeslaw, shocked. Andrejs shook his head.

"You must be able to defend yourself. We're also giving you a horse, her name is Asalia."

After Czeslaw finally said good bye to the tear stricken Polish deserters, he went off to Eastern Prussia.

Czeslaw was riding Asalia from Courland to Prussia, hoping to find excitement in his adventures. There was a small place where he could squeeze through from Courland into Eastern Prussia, and he did not wish to be caught by Polish soldiers, so he just went through the route. Unfortunately he was stopped.

Three Horsemen, one with a Flintlock Carbine, the others with Sabres, were advancing on Czeslaw and his horse.

"Halt!" said the First Horseman, who looked like he was the leader. "Warum Sie eingeführt diesem Land haben Sie! Sprechen Sie schnell!"

"I do not know what you are saying!" said Czeslaw, alarmed. However, the second Horseman with the carbine translated.

"He is asking you on why you have entered Prussia."

"I wish to enter Prussia because I am assigned to kill off some Scum of the Earth. Common Bandits who have captured a mill and use it as headquarters." The Prussians looked confused, but then the translator solved everything.

"Ah ja, haben wir immer geplant, sie zu beseitigen, sie haben getan nichts aber Mühe. Wir müssen Sie Captain zuerst senden Diefendorf." said the first Horseman.

"We must first send you to Captain Diefendorf." translated the Second Horseman. "He speaks Polish."

Czeslaw then rode with the Prussians into a Barracks. He was then led into a room. A man with a blue uniform and epaulettes on his shoulders started talking with the Horsemen and then ushered the men out of the room and he was left alone with Czeslaw. Czeslaw, however, was looking outside the window and saw a man being flogged by a Prussian drummer boy and then winced. Diefendorf looked calm.

"We do not accept disrespect to our Officers. That is why Gefreiter Denton must face this punishment." said Diefendorf. "I am Captain Diefendorf, and my men tell me that you have come to eradicate Bandits from the Courlandish-Prussian border, is that correct?"

"Yes, it is, sir." said Czeslaw.

"Well, then, surely you are tired from riding all the way to here? I do think you are sleepy." asked the Captain.

"Well, yes, I am, and I would appreciate a bed, sir." replied Czeslaw, now comfortable speaking with the Captain. He has not spoken to an officer in a long time. The Captain pointed to a bed in the room, and then left the room. Czeslaw fell asleep on the bed and started dreaming about him being back in the Polish Army. But then something went wrong, as the Polish officers pointed at him and stabbed him.

Czeslaw woke up from his nightmare only to find a real one. He was being strangled by Captain Diefendorf with a rope.

"You must tell me, why exactly are you here?" asked Diefendorf, with a smile on his face.
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Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:28 pm
This sucks.
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