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Poems of a sort Empty Poems of a sort

Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:32 am
So these are just some Poems I have written. This first one I actually posted on another forum, so you might recognize it. And then I'll probably add a new one every now and then. ^^ Hope you Likes them!


have you ever studied change?
ever tasted the bitter tangy taste of it on your lips?
have you ever lived through it?

change is hell
it makes you feel like you've never felt
see what you've never seen
hear what you've never heard
it overloads you senses
takes over you emotions

soon, you can't feel anymore
you don't taste
you don't smell
you forget to listen

every time you turn around
you find a new seam on you heart
see a new drop of blood on the floor
feel the pain of another wound

change can bring lies
people start to decieve
even if it wasn't your intention

but don't forget
change is also heaven
a sober drunk
a clean herroine addict
a growing young child

there are miricles as well as curses
a better home
the money to pay your rent
food to eat for dinner
the sun to warm your skin

change is ambivalent
change changes you....


I wish i was a rock in the river bed
The security of water always over my head
Weather the day be blue or gray
I would always have a steady day
Instead of broken pieces of a heart, it would be a really long time before i fell apart
Hopes I have always seen
Are now just things in a dream
Every shed tear that swept me to sleep
Doesn't mean anything in my heart's deep
Until I find that happy pace
I don't think I will really ever know my place
Every scar on my soul turn me a darker shade of blue
I really wish I had a clue
My decision not being made
I am most certainly afraid
Hope almost far gone
I realize he wasn't what i wanted all along
My happiness is almost gone
And longing and sorrow taking it's place
Now i know why people wish they could erase


Out of love and joy and everything good
I'm not sure they know what they should
So i'll try to teach them, yes I will
So that they'll be rich in the skill

Alright. Comments are welcome. ^^ Tell me what you think.
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Poems of a sort Empty Re: Poems of a sort

Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:43 am
I liked Motherhood. For some odd reason, it reminded me of the song: "Her Majesty"
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Poems of a sort Empty Re: Poems of a sort

Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:38 pm
Haha. Thanks. ^^ Very interesting.
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Poems of a sort Empty Re: Poems of a sort

Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:54 am
HEre are some more. I don't know why, but the words have just been pouring out lately.

The Rain

I hear the rushing sound of rain
Wishing and praying For it to wash away the pain
Just a memory or two

Or better yet, erase that section

Erase him and all he did
Everything, good, bad, evil, or sad
I don't want to remeber anything
Release the love, the pain, the hate
The forgiveness, hoep and joy

I remeber when he said I was beautiful and perfect
Well perfect my recolection of the event
Let me forget

As hard as it is for me to say
I want the picture in my head to go away
To live on life in clearity

I want to have no wishes
Most of them refer to him
One day
The rain can wash those wishes away

The Dark

In the small hours of the dark
I get a chance to stop
A chance to feel, to see, to actually look
The dark is when life stops
When time goes by and never comes
The best part though, is that I don't have to dream
This clarity comes when I'm awake
When I'm in state of my darkest fear
Being alone with myself
The thing about fears
Is they become addictive
Fears become two things in one
Fears become the dark
They become the clarity
The trick is finding your own dark
Your own clarity, your time to think
Find it and be one with it
The dark is my friend, even if it's my fear as well

This Is

The eyes
The nose
The lips
The hair
The smile
The body
The laugh
This is the attraction
The tears
The saddness
The hugging
The whispers
These are the emotion
The memories
That is the love

So I hope you like 'em. I have more, But i figure this is enough for now. ^^ tell me what you think. ^^
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Poems of a sort Empty Re: Poems of a sort

Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:36 pm

Curiosity is seductive
It pulls you in
Gives you temporary satisfaction
Then spits you out
Making you want more

There is a reason, you know
That this killed the cat
Only to bring it back

Think about it
You'll see
There is curiosity
Better not explored

For the mind doesn't need know all things
And it's that way for a reason
So next time
Hold your curiosity back
Think about the cat


All the words
Leaping through my brain
So many sentences
It's a wonder I'm not insane

Holding my breath and thinking thoughts
Wondering if they've ever been thought
I hear that voice in my head
Saying them over and over again

No time to analyze
Or think it through

What am I supposed to do?
These rhyming verses
Regretful curses

Longful wishes
Analagies to fishes
What is it all supposed to mean?
Tell me
Tell me

Open Books

Whis is pain attractive?
People are drawn to an open book
Especially when pain is written all the pages

The only ones not attracted
Are either in the book are writing the words
The writers pray on the innocent
The painless
And teach the book a new pain

A lesson in life
Of the world
The people in it


Disrespect is a serious offense
It makes everyone put up their defense
Whether a spoken word or a gesture
It puts everyone underneath pressure

The fights
The emotions it causes

They're unfixable
And hard to mend

So maybe today
We should have less to say

Remember that rule?
Of silence unless you have a kind word

Come on people
Give it a try

Once More

I take his hand
And stroke his palm
Then the tears start to well up

I try not to rememeber
I try to smile
Trying to hide the pain all the while

The anger starts to build
Frustration blocking happiness

There's the lump in my throat
Growing with every thought

I close my eyes and go somewhere else
Somewhere the sky is never grey
And where I can smile every second of everyday
Thoughts erased and emotions unwinding
I find a calm impossible anyother place

Then into his eyes I look
The smile on my lips so true

Stroking his palm once more.

Here's My Christmas Poem! =D Right here:

Christmas Holidays

When I think of the Christmas Holidays
I think of cheer and snow games
Of smiles and happy faces
Of frost and white places

Though the feelings that come to mind
Are warm hearted and kind

But what is Christmas about?
Really about?

Well in my mind
Christmas is about Jesus
And the love he shows us
It's about God's sacrafice of a son
For the whole human race

It's about following the examples
The ones of love and sacrafice

After all
Don't we need to
Be thou an example of the believers?
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Poems of a sort Empty Re: Poems of a sort

Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:06 pm
Whoa.... some of these poems are like... over a year old. haha. seems like forever ago. : P
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Poems of a sort Empty Re: Poems of a sort

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