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Tir Vn'aradh  | Traveling Scholar Empty Tir Vn'aradh | Traveling Scholar

Sat Aug 04, 2018 3:11 pm
Character Name: Tir'eólan "Tir" Vn'aradh

Age: 52
Gender: Male
Race: T'katzis
Nationality: Katzlander
Place of Residence: Atlisqo

Appearance: Of average T'katzi height, standing at around 6 1/2 ft, Tir boasts an imposing frame and would likely have made a natural-born soldier had he not instead found his passion in the scholarly arts. His scales, are composed of brilliant shades of aquamarine, contrasted with deep red patterns running down his spine and along his chest and abdomen, and near his eyes. His head bares many small horns, running down three ridges that intersect at the crown and nape of his neck. His eyes are a deep amber color, accented by black narrowed pupils.

Being a scholar, and preferring clothing that is loose-fitting and comfortable, Tir's wardrobe consists mainly of robes, cinched at the waist by a wide sash. He wears nothing on his clawed feet as T'katzi neither need nor want any kind of footwear.

Background Tir was born to commoner parents in the capital of Katzisqo who put all of their resources into educating their child in the hopes that, as he grew up, he'd become something more than they could ever hope to become in their lifetime. Fortunately, the young T'katzi took to his studies like a fish to water—soaking in everything his teachers said. Unlike most T'katzi, whom find their natural talents in combat, sailing, or hunting through the dense forestation, Tir found himself sitting by candlelight reading anything he could get his hands on.

His prime interest was always in the world around him. As soon as he could enter the libraries of the Capital city, he did so, ravenously poring over old tomes and scrolls covering the oceans, the mountains, the forests, and distant lands. It was rare that foreigners came to the Protectorate of Katzlan, but he dreamed of the day that he might hold a conversation with someone. He read of the Warenlandr Commonwealth; southern lands not too far away from their coastline. He read of the feline peoples of the northern realms—the expansive and powerful Toshkhat Empire to whom the Protectorate owed their obedience and loyalty. He read of the distant lands of Drakenlloch, a place of inclusion among different peoples and races, and known to be the nesting grounds of many of the world's species of draconids. He read of mysterious lands even further south than Warenlandr, a regal human kingdom named Kayerin, where beautiful castles sit nestled against glimmering lakes or at the top of snow-peaked mountain ranges.

What caught his interest most of all, however, was the unknown world to the east. Large swaths of the world had surely been discovered, but he couldn't help and look at the map of the world and stare intently at the spaces in which everything fades to nothingness. There were places in the world that simply had yet to be explored and cataloged. His fascination of the unknown kept him at the libraries until the early hours of the morning.

With every tome he finished, his mind wandered to far-off places. Though he himself went nowhere, the fluttering in his heart made it feel as though he was instantly transported away from everything he knew. To a new, mysterious world ripe for discovery.

Tir swore to himself that as soon as he was able, he would sail to the far horizon and discover those lands for himself.

Proving himself in his studies, writing his own accounts and thought-pieces, and even going so far as teaching lessons to other studious minds was to be his future as he reached adulthood. By the young age of 25, he had already composed several dissertations on early Katzlan history, attending archeological dig-sites in the more remote areas of the rain forests. He had been invited to join the higher minds of the Katzlan Academies, places of learning and study, where he both taught eager minds, and soaked in any new information he could come across.

And the best places to come across new information and news of the outside world, was most definitely the port cities. Moving to Atlisqo, he bought a humble cottage just off the harbor side. Living a frugal lifestyle, it was never his intention to necessarily "settle down". Indeed, his intention was to save enough coin to eventually purchase a ship that might carry him far from the Protectorate. And so, with every job he took, and every lesson he performed, Tir found himself growing close to his goal.

His grand adventure was just on the horizon.
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