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List of Minor Characters Empty List of Minor Characters

Sat May 19, 2018 7:50 pm


Kyokai & Outlying Islands

The Kagerougumi -
Squad 4 (7 members including Moriyama Kojuro)

Shima Hayate - 28 (Tsukishima, Tsukishima Province)
Hayate is lean and muscled, wearing the full uniform of the Kagerougumi, Hayate should be a close confidant to Kojuro. Of all the members of Squad 4, he has been around him the longest, and was the first to voluntarily join the squad alongside his brother-in-arms. He's a voice of reason, but fights like a tiger, and will do all he can to keep his brethren alive through the conflict, while still moving toward their mission's end goal.

Main weapons: [No magical ability], typical daisho; Single sword style, though he carries a wakizashi for close-quarters combat.

Shimada Asuna - 24 (Onozaki, Fushima Province)
Asuna is lean and well-defined, with long brown hair held up into an elaborate style. Also wearing the traditional robes of her unit, she prefers only to wear chest-armor and a set of arm bracers. As one of the newest members of their squad, she feels compelled to prove herself whenever the chance presents itself. Cunning and thoughtful, she nevertheless has a fiery side to match Kojuro's wife—thus getting along with Haruka splendidly. Due to her newer status, she cannot help but feel as though her compatriots are fiercely protective of her.

Main weapons: [No magical ability], Yari spear and a pair of wakizashi. She's incredibly talented at wielding her weapons of choice, quite able to keep a group at bay without any support.

Omaeda Keiji - 31 (Kumano, Tsukishima Province)
Somewhat dour and fatalistic, Keiji comes across as a harsh man. He tends to keep quiet unless spoken to, and doesn't go out of his way to get along with others—the one exception being his comrades of Squad 4, and the larger Kagerougumi. Acting as their squad's strategist, he has a natural-born talent for planning assaults, raids, and ambushes. With his thoughtful—and perhaps pessimistic—nature, he has gotten their squad out of the fire more times than they could count. He always tries to stay several steps ahead of the enemy.

Main weapons: [Practitioner of Illusionary Magics], carries a samurai's daisho (katana and wakizashi), as well as a tanto.

Tachibana Erina - 27 (Tsukishima, Tsukishima Province)
Preferring to keep off the front lines, Erina has always had the backs of her comrades, dominating the battlefield from out of range of the enemy. She carries a yumi longbow, and is deadly accurate in her precision. Lean and agile, her shoulder-length black hair is typically tied up into a ponytail so as to not get in the way during a struggle. When in close-quarters with an enemy, her preferred weapons are a pair of shortened wakizashi. As one of the three founding members of Squad 4, she helps to look after and guide the newer members alongside Kojuro and Hayate.

Main weapons: [light Elemental Magics practitioner], Yumi bow, dual modified wakizashi.

Yukikaze Hotaru - 26 (Yukigawa, Fushima Province)
For a girl that grew up in the blizzard-like conditions of the far-northern village of Yukigawa, her personality is endlessly optimistic—far different from the rough-and-tumble villagers that those of the southern provinces hear of. As a junior member of Squad 4, Hotaru is closest to Asuna, providing her a helping hand, and regarding the girl as something like a younger sister. Even-keeled and the last to have any sort of outburst, Hotaru seems to have been born to take the role of the squad's healer. Well-versed in a variety of Restorative Magics and Medicinal Alchemy, Hotaru keeps her fellow comrades in good health and positive demeanor. In battle, she tends to keep toward the back alongside Erina and Keiji, though is perfectly capable to use her own blades to defend and attack.

Main weapons: [advanced knowledge of Restorative Magics and experienced in Medicinal Alchemy], Katana, and dual Tanto

Mototori "Nobu" Nobuhiro - 27 (Tsukishima, Tsukishima Province)
Nobu bears himself with a silent kind of honor, reflecting the great skill he has in his swordsmanship. Hailing from one of Kyokai's most renowned dojos, he is the apprentice master to the Tennen-Rishin Ryu style of swordsmanship. Regarded as the second 'most deadly' member of the squad next to Kojuro's Ippei-kitan Ryu style, he is more than able to handle himself in battle against many. Although he isn't reliant on the support of his allies, he works well with his squad-mates, and always follows through on any of Keiji's stratagems.

Main weapons: [some knowledge of Elemental Magics], Dual katana and a tanto

. . . . . . . . .

Takayama Yukichi - 28 (Tsukishima, Tsukishima Province)
Yukichi is of the household samurai who helps to guard the defend Moriyama Kojuro's manor. Despite his position beneath Kojuro, he is one of the few childhood friends who stuck by the up-jumped peasant-made-samurai. Out of his friendship and loyalty, Kojuro asked that Yukichi remain by his side, and thus received martial training alongside him, many times serving as Kojuro's sparring partner. Humble and soft-spoken, Yukichi serves as a voice of reason for the sometimes brash and impulsive Kojuro and Haruka.


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